Thursday, November 21, 2013

"What can I do other than die under a hail of bullets for resisting disarmament if it comes to that?"

Reacting to Bob Wright's earlier post on seriousness of purpose, a reader contacted Bob with this question:
Mr. Wright,
Your time is valuable, and although you don't know me from Adam, your insight and wisdom would be greatly appreciated. I'm just a soft around the middle individualist. I don't profess to lead men or wallow around in the mud playing Rambo, but I'm dedicated to the cause of freedom from government tyranny. I wouldn't make a good troop soldier; I've had one hip replaced, and the other is slowly failing. I struggle to carry my four year old son from one room to another when he wants a tiny bit of coddling. What can I do other than die under a hail of bullets for resisting disarmament if it comes to that?
Bob responded:
I am pleased to answer your communication. I recognize that the communication Mike posted is a chastisement of a group for failing to train properly( one of my most common rants) I will tell you now it will take at least 5 non-fighters to every fighter to have a hope of actually resisting. Every skill under the sun will be needed.
Not knowing your history or background I cannot map a specific course for you to take, perhaps I can encourage you to leave behind any misgivings about your inability to carry a rifle making you unfit for important, possibly essential service, in the cause of freedom and Liberty. As we mount an effective resistance, carrying a rifle will be one of the easier things to do. The dedicated and relentless efforts of the non fighters in support of the fighters will be the single greatest determiner of our success or failure.
Look at any Army anywhere, you will find a 5 to 20 support to fighter ratio exists. Without them the Army dies. So it would make an interesting after dinner conversation as to which group actually wins the wars that Army will fight.
There is a place for every skill set in the resistance. We will need welders, fabricators, mechanics, medics, heavy equipment operators, clerks, carpenters, electricians, computer apps people, teachers, communicators, writers, photographers, historians, dentists, cartage specialists, packaging distribution specialists, Energy specialists, propagandists, safe houses, local guides, engineers of the chemical, electrical, and mechanical varieties, logistics specialists of all kinds and lets not forget fundraising specialists to help fund it all. I am asking that you find your specialty, that which you can do and can contribute and make it work to support the resistance. If we could get a good representation of the above skill sets all working with common goals and coordinated direction we could not lose.
And just for the record I do not "wallow around in the mud playing Rambo", I work very hard to try to give real life training that will increase the trainees chance of surviving his encounter with the evil ones.
God Bless you sir and if you determine just what the skill set is you can contribute let me know and I will see if I can put you to work.
PS: Have talked with Mike V and shared our exchange He would like to post it on the blog . . . if that would be ok with you. Please advise.
Bob Wright.
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Anonymous said...

Very well said. I am probably more of an X than a III myself. It is great to see encouragement to people in all walks of life and with all health conditions and restraints. When the balloon goes up, all will be needed. If you make the right contacts, and use the skills God gave you, the Constitution will prevail. You are never alone.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the interchange. A. Reader's e-mail to Mr. Wright echoes many of my own thoughts. The last few weeks I've been pondering what my flabby carcass and unreliable eyesight bring to the party. The truth is, very little. My best assets are experience in REDACTED and REDACTED TWO. My own conclusion is I need to become expert in "secure REDACTED" and "secure, tactical REDACTED TWO", so that those capabilities can be deployed in time of need.

It's a good thought exercise that I recommend to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Variatians on a theme, from the book of memoirs by Prince Clary of a very high
ranking family in Austria-Hungary.

Clary, an Austrian officer in WWI, was stationed in various
locations in the short-lived independent Ukraine after the peace of

=one= page 177 ff. Soon the officers backing Skoropadsky [a
Ukrainian hetman nominated as of the new state] began to come to us.
It was difficult to say where they came from and who they were. ...
... The first thing they asked was permission to arm themselves.
Without arms they would have been mercilessly murdered, they said.
The permission was granted as we had nothing to fear from them.

=two= page 178 ff. By agreement with the government in Kiev we were
to help disarm the villages - that too, was something new to us.
Small groups of Austrian soldiers had been ambushed and killed time
and again.

At first, the local military commanders would call on the village
elder or mayor, and inform him that all weapons were to be handed in
the next day. Typically, a few obsolete or non-functioning small
arms would appear, and even a few rounds of ammunition, after which
perfunctory searches would be made, nothing would be found and the
village would be reported as "disarmed."

A Russian colonel [of what force he doesn't say] later took over
these disarmament efforts. Clary and others were ordered to
accompany him but not to have anything to do with the disarming
itself, but to report on how it was done.

After the usual results, the Russian colonel talked familiarly to the
elder, in effect, that he knew these were not all the weapons. He
responded to the elder's asserverations that they were with the word
"Sampolka" [which refers to a flexible metal ramrod] Clary and the
others rushed from the room. More villagers were brought in and
beaten. By the afternoon large piles of weapons had been delivered,
and whole mountains of ammunition.

This concluded the operation and I [Clary] assumed we were now going
to leave. I was told it was too late for that, and that we should
spend the night in the village. I had misgivings about that since we
were only a few men and there were some two thousand villagers who
might easily try to recover their weapons.

They did not, and Clary and the others left; his colonel later refused
any further invitation to assist with disarmament actions.

=three= page 184. [Clary later was recalled to Vienna]: I was glad to
get away from the Ukraine ... By leaving when I did I was spared certain
frightful experiences.

Two entire squadrons of my regiment were killed. They had told a
detachment of Russian-Ruthenian Bolsheviks that they would be fight
their way through if they were not allowed to pass through the area.
However, they later agreed to to hand over their arms, and were told
they would be allowed through, but the others reneged and murdered

Anonymous said...

from Sebastian Haffner's Defying
c. 1999. with some
adaptations for more contemporary

SH has been meeting with a number of colleagues in a study group five or
advanced examinations, in whic h various other discussions occur. This
occurred in the last meeting, in which a recent massacre became the
topic. The dialogue between Haffner and one Holz as follows:

Holz: I consider the whole thing to be a regrettable ... excess... and
between you and me I expect the responsible officer to be punished. But
I also think that it should not be overlooked that [the veteran]
who shot first. It is understandable and in a certain sense even justified
that under these circumstances [the TLA1 man] takes, er, very energetic

Haffner. I felt compelled to insult him: It is most interesting for me
to hear your new theory of justification. If I am not mistaken you did once study law.

[In fact all they were the equivalent of law clerks or even administrative
judges at this time]

[He gave me [Haffner] a steely look and elaborately picked up the gauntlet.]
Holz: Yes, I have studied law, and I remember that I heard something about state self-defense there. Perhaps you missed that lecture.

Haffner: State self-defense; interesting. You consider that the state is under attack because a few hundred [veterans] put on nightshirts and go to sleep?

Holz: Of course not. You forget that it was a [veteran] who first shot
the two [TLA1] men.


Anonymous said...

from Defying Hitler by
Sebastian Haffner, cont.

Haffner: -- who had broken into his home.

Holz: Who had entered his abode in the course of their official duty.

Haffner: And that allows the state the justification of self-defense against
any other citizen? Against you and me?

Holz: Not against me. Perhaps against you.

Haffner. [He was looking at me with really steely eyes and I had a funny
feeling in the back of my knees.]

Holz: You [Haffner] are always nagging and wilfully ignoring the monumental
developments in the [transformation of the country] that is taking place today.
You grasp at every little excess and split legal hairs to criticize and find
fault. You seem to be unaware, I fear, that people of your ilk represent
a latent danger for the state, and that the state has the right and the duty
to react accordingly -- at the very least when one of you goes so far as to
offer open resistance.

These were his words, soberly and slowly spoken in the style of a commentary
on [the statutes]. All the while he looked at me with those steely eyes.

Haffner: If we are dealing in threats, then why not openly. Do you intend to
denounce me to [TLA2]?

[The others in the group try to defuse the situation]

Holz: I admit that for some time I have been wondering whether or not that
is not my duty.

Haffner. Oh. [Haffner needed a few moments to taste all the different flavors on my tongue: a little surprise, a little admiration, a little sourness, a little satisfaction at how far I had driven him, a cool new insight on the things are now -- and a little fear.]

[In the end, Holz did not report Haffner.

to translate back into the original (English text:)

"veteran" -> "Social Democrat"
"TLA1" -> SA.
"TLA2" -> the Gestapo.
"transformation" -> "resurgence of
the German people"
"statute" -> "Civil Code"

There's more and better in the original (the English title is not
especially apposite though). Highly recommended. Haffner and two
others (a Jew and a Communist) in the group managed to leave Germany
in time. Holz and two others became high ranking National

Sebastian Haffner, Defying
written c. 1938,
posthumously published c. 1999

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

My thanks, Mike, to you, to Mr. Wright, and for that matter to the gentleman whose question started this discussion. As a wheelchair-bound paraplegic, I supposed I had pretty much resigned myself to the idea of having nothing to contribute to the fight, if (when) it comes to that, except perhaps for blood (at least it's the good stuff: O-Neg).

I still don't know specifically what I can contribute, but at least I realize now that I have zero excuse for not figuring something out.

Again, thank you, gentlemen.

Dakota said...

Absolutely "outstanding" Bob. There are so many things that are going to be needed that it is discouraging to ponder the very lack of it. I suppose and hope that a merciful Lord and Savior will smile upon us and our efforts and make these things available when they are needed.

Whatever you can do ... do it and volunteer your expertise when it is needed.

Matthew said...

For what its worth, I am young, a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, a patriot, and a parent. I have no problem doing the fighting, but I know I will need a safe place for my wife and daughter. Folks who cannot run, gun, and live in the harsh conditions of a partisan lifestyle, I need your help. I can't do this on my own. I am capable of many things on my own, but not this, I need your help. For every guy like me, there must be a support network. Anything you can do to help, food, clothing, a place to hide my loved ones, makes a world of difference.

Anonymous said...

I hope very little of it would be needed, but Bob didn't specifically mention skills in the medical field. Unfortunately, skills in first aid, nursing and physicians' skills would be needed. Most prescriptions for strong pain killers say "use as needed". We may have some pills left after our pain is gone. So,we need to save any left over high-powered prescription pain killers. Their effectiveness declines slowly after the expiration date, so they remain useful for some time after that. As long as you keep them in the original Rx bottle, it's legal.

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

Mike has inspired me to become a voracious reader. Praxis books are great, but also Bracken's trilogy, and non-fiction works that delve deeper behind the scenes of historical events like "Paul Revere's Ride", by Fisher and "Savage Continent", by Lowe. It is often said that those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it, but I think it is an inescapable fact that history repeats regardless, and in direct defiance of past knowledge because man is still an animal pure and simple. He may be more refined when the lights are on, but empty the fridge and he will revert to his cannibalistic instincts in short order.

Kulafarmer said...

A boy with a sling and a stone defeated a giant,
so shall we prevail

MamaLiberty said...

The child who could be taught to watch quietly, from hiding, and report faithfully what he or she saw and heard...

How many hostile armies might be vanquished by just such a small margin?

We each have different tools, skills, abilities. The WILL to live, to be free, to defend ourselves and those we care about...

I tell my students: Self defense is about 10% gun, and 90% everything else. Without the will to live and fight, or the skills to do that, a gun is an expensive paperweight.