Thursday, November 21, 2013

"For him to say that he thinks that he can take our rights away is to say that he's God, and until he gets promoted as some sort of divinity, he doesn't have that right."

NY Gun Rights Activists: Gov. Cuomo is "Not God"
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s popularity is on the same track as the president’s. With 56 percent of voters giving Cuomo a negative job approval rating, according to a Siena College poll, which is eight percentage points down from October, he’s having a hard time finding friends these days. Much of the disenchantment, it seems, is due to his push for gun control and the controversial SAFE Act Cuomo hurried into law in January after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.
Okay, so he's certainly not God. A pagan demi-god, maybe? Just when he looks in the mirror?


Anonymous said...

Really, rights inherent, fundamentally, as a result of our Creation cannot be stolen away. Truly speaking, they are ceded by a people one by one on the individual level.

Legislatures cannot abridge or infringe exercise by any means outside Constitutional Amendment. Judiciaries cannot, certainly cannot, amend the Constitution themselves. Executives cannot exercise a kingship of sorts and ban exercise by decree. Seriously, all they can do is LIE about having authorities they DO NOT HAVE in an effort to convince the weak minded that they have no choice, no liberty, of their own but that they must simply do as they are told.

Today, all money, whether it be through advocacy groups or political campaigns, ends up in the hands of a television based media that perpetrates the "democratic society" LIE. This LIE indoctrinated people into buying the garbage that individual rights are somehow open to the will of the majority vote.

Unchecked majority vote authority is what LED to race based slavery. Checking that authority. With a government if republican form, is what freed us of that scourge. Today, the sway back to it threatens economic based slavery.

It has taken almost a century and a half for a courts usurpation to manifest the truth. "Commerce clause precedent " read and "interpreted " the way SCOTUS did renders literally EVERY protection enumerated as MOOT. For if their is no PRIVATE two party contract absent government injecting itself as a third party, there can be no individual liberty whatsoever. But wait?

Can there be? In spite of their "ruling "?

Can you say "smuggle"?

Many so called conservative decry "gangs".
Freedom to assemble and associate?
They decry gangs and guns. Oh and drugs.
They FAIL to see that there is a RIGHT being exercised on all three accounts and that GOVERNMENT MEDDLING is the problem.

It's quite arguable that the "gangs" are far more free than the rest of the population. Kind of like smuggling, they are throwing off the unjust governance that attempts to violate their RIGHTS.

So called law abiding conservative are the real jailers. They are the real hypocrites. They are the real "rights for me but not for thee " folks. They are the FIRST to ignore rights altogether when "gangs" is touted but then slam "assault weapon " usage. A buzzword is a buzzword is a buzzword!

The ONLY way it works, folks, is if EVERYONE has the SAME rights - no exceptions. No permission slips. No qualification schemes. No mental defectives or felony or sensitive places or "ordered liberty" renditions. No time place manner Trojan horses.

What "gang" members are doing is telling government to piss off. They are saying "we are freedmen and we are gonna act like it in spite of your threats of retaliation if we do so ". And so called conservatives screech about individual liberty while they call for more "crackdown " on. "Gangs ". They call themselves "law abiding" as a rationalization to make their hypocrisy butt hurt feel better. The only thing they are conserving is their own envisioned title of nobility. Law abiding ???
Uh huh. Riiiiiight.

Seems to me it's gangs doing the abiding by the Suoreme Law while the "law abiders" are really just too scared to hold firm on that Supreme law and instead willingly cede their own rights to the biggest bully of them all - government.

In order for our constitution to match our Constitition, We the People have to ACT it out in practice. Far too many sheepishly stand down their own rights under the guise of "law abiding". While real and true Patriots ummmm "smuggle", assemble in "Gangs " and do things like dare exercise the right to bear arms even if government claims doing so is a felony offense.

The fake talk about rights. The Patriots exercise them.

ATOM ANT said...

Just like as you get older, every women eventually becomes a 10.

The longer you are a politician the more you believe you're god.

Anonymous said...

Well said Anon @ 9:59AM

Anonymous said...

Comment #1 is so good it should be archived. I know I am saving a copy. I could never have defined freedom better.