Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vintage Bob Wright. "Any man who seeks to deny essential liberty to another without cause, is an evil son of a bitch."

I asked Bob to send me this piece he write some time back. It is vintage Bob:
Any man who seeks to deny essential liberty to another without cause, is an evil son of a bitch. He cannot be a “Good Man”. It is irrelevant if his family likes him or if he is kind to animals, sends his mother in-law flowers or makes the trains run on time. It is irrelevant if you served with him, if he has done brave things in the past. No amount of desire to “protect” or to “secure” or “prevent” will improve him. Declarations of his desire to apply “common sense” and be “reasonable” cannot redeem him. His desire to deny essential liberty to one, based on the actions of others reveals the monster that abides in the soul of that man. If he seeks this, stating the loss of liberty is necessary for the health of the society he is the philosophical twin of every tyrant and mass murdering butcher in history. If American society is to survive, the decent, honest citizen must band together to drive these evil people from our society. They must suppress their innate live and let live philosophy and face the unpleasant fact that the man who seeks to deny an individual or a society those essential liberties is a potential killer whose bloody solutions will be incrementally revealed as he gains power.
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Anonymous said...

A "F-king" men.

Happy D said...

And that is why the McCain campaign never asked Mr. Wright to campaign for them again.

Anonymous said...

Dayamn. I would have sworn this was said by a Founder.

Anonymous said...

This also applies, in spades, to Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood, and any other Islamist.