Sunday, November 24, 2013

The outlines of Old Yellowstain's sellout on immigration.

Pelosi open to piecemeal approach on immigration.
Obama and Pelosi don't care how many pieces the salami gets sliced into, as long as they get the whole meal. Chef Boehner is happy to comply.


Anonymous said...

Chef Boy-on-Yer!
This Repub-ri-Frog doesn't knoe he's being cooked.

Anonymous said...

Model Immigration Plan

1. No radical Mohammedans.

2. No criminal South and Central Americans. No criminals at all.

3. All seeking green cards and benefits must contribute FICA, Medicare and other contributions and pay US income tax on illegally earned wages. No workee, no payee. Serving for a set time honorably in the US military are considered to have satisfied this requirement.

4. No more "anchor babies" An illegal giving birth in the US gives birth to a national of their home country.

5. Identified illegal aliens are rapidly deported to the home nations.

6. US citizens fighting American troops on foreign soil lose their US nationality.

7. Learn English in classes provided for free, or be gone. Sorry, "Ebonics" does not count.