Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Tea party unscathed in early GOP civil war."

The Dead Elephant Party Elite vs. the Tea Party.
And while the party’s internal fight will rage on, the opening battles suggest the establishment is just starting to see how much it will take to reclaim the power it has ceded to the movement in recent years.
The National Republican Senatorial Committee’s first big play: threaten to blacklist any consultant who does business with a key group taking on sitting Republicans.
The result: pretty much business as usual.
Meanwhile, members of Congress pleaded with corporate America to commit big money to support business-friendly candidates willing to take on the tea party.
The result: early interest but no coordinated effort to take out challengers. . .
So far, the threats have done little to scare conservative activists or bring them any closer to working with the party.


Anonymous said...

As a life-long Rep., I think I can state the obvious. The Party is dead! Thanks to the leadership of the spineless (McConnel) and the yellow-bellied (Boner), we have lost untold numbers, and rightfully so. Ask yourself one question. Why are the dead elephants afraid of the Tea Party???

I do have a solution. We just need to convince Dem voters that they need to vote Tea Party--Just so they can do Rep Party Harm!! ;)

Anonymous said...

There has been a battle ongoing for the soul of the GOP between the "blue blood three piece suit & gold watch chain Republicans" and the "founder's republic or nothing Republicans" at least since the days of Prescott Bush. The Buckley/Goldwater/Reagan wing took control for a while and the bankers took it back. Now the Tea Party is trying get back on top. Nothing new here folks. Move along, please!

Allen said...

of course the tea party is undamaged. starfish vs spider..who exactly does the establishment attack??? no leaders, no followers, just members. if they focus on any one of us all they do is blind themselves to the actions of the rest of us. eventually, we win. it's just a matter of time and holding the line.

Anonymous said...

The party hasn't really lost Conservatives we have just choosen to not support moderate/Liberal candidates that the Liberal Republicans favor over Conservatives. The reason they keep snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is because even though the country clubbers hate us they think we will vote for whoever THEY choose. WRONG. More and more folks are choosing not to vote or vote the down ticket only for local races. But it is very obvious that these party elites can't get out of their own way. We should have taken the Senate last year and they screwed that up royally. They will do the same thing if allowed to wobble off willy nilly as they have a habit of doing next year. The reason Cruz and Lee and Paul are being assaulted by the Republicans like the Marxist are doing is easy. They know these guys are the future leaders of the party and McCamnesty and his idiot buddy Grakmnesty are scared shitless of losing their power. To bad it has already happened. No one that I know has any use for any of the leadership at all. They are now viewed no differently then the Marxist Progressives as just being in the way.

Anonymous said...

Ah! But when will the party conservatives realize they must work with the Tea Party ... or perish?


Anonymous said...

Frankly I am cheering for the TEA Party to throw out some of these rino’s.

Larry Pratt was on a talk show a couple of weeks ago saying that GOA is working to unseat some of these Rino’s

Larry believes if we can get a few more guys like Ted Cruz in the senate we can get something done.

Personally I hope he is right but my gut says were in bigger trouble.

Mike have you heard about the Illinois State police going to Illinois guard units and telling the guardsmen that social unrest in coming?

I heard that it happened to the Guard unit in Effingham Illinois.

The state police said that when the unrest comes the state police will be in charge until the rioters over come the police then its up to the guard units to restore order.

I guess what was said shook up some of the guardsmen and they began to spread the word about the meeting, that’s how I found out about it

Anonymous said...

The current GOP mavens need a history lesson !
The GOOP was founded to provide disenfranchised blacks a choice ! In the intervening years it seems far too many of its directors have "drunk the Demoncratic "kool-aid" " hence leading it from its conservative, everyman roots to a public perception of a " rich man's party" !

Now we're engaged in a great political war. A war where the former GOP VP candidate and governor of AK, Sarah Palin, is currently enjoying massive "blue collar" support in the "lower 48" on her book tour ! And many other GOP "mavericks" ala Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Adam West, et al are gaining some serious traction with conservative voters across the nation !

Yet the RINO mavens of the GOP continue to work in their own best interests, ( and counter to public sentiments ) instead of for the good of the nation they profess to support !

Maybe its time for populists of both parties too seize the reins of both the DNP and GOP and return us to our representative roots ! >Jeff

Mt Top Patriot said...

I think the rino branch of the ruling class is going to do what the commie bastards have managed to thwart, and that is create a cascade preference effect of withdrawal of consent, a veritable plurality rising out of the roots of the 3 percent community.

The dead elephants are nothing if they are not self destructive. The political vacuum it is creating ain't going to be filled with the chocolate emperors cargo cult and regime lickspittles.

Soon as this nascent plurality of the people realizes it is a plurality, that cascade preference is going to explode.

You want to know what a crisis of legitimacy and loosing the mandate of heaven is?

Watch Rove and the rest of the closet fascist do in their waning days of desperation to keep their meathooks on the cash cow formally known as representative government.

McConnel and ole yellow stain, and their crooked spineless crime syndicate ain't so bad that they ain't good for something.

The brain trust in the white house are helping the rino's along unbeknownst it is sowing it's own seeds of demise.

Though the joke is looking like through their own brand of culture of corruption and hubris, the dead elephants give the great awakening the goose it needs to take the entire edifice of tyrannical power aka our government down.

Hey, 3% of the population in 1776 was 750,000 people, today it is 9.5 million. 750,000 changed the world. A plurality of only 3 quarters of a million people fought the most successful revolution in human history.
And out of that this republic.

If a plurality of 3 percent today, 9 plus million people count political coupe on the legitimacy of that cesspool on the Potomac, withdraws it consent, it acquires the moral high ground. This is where the tea party has to go next. If it dose, this plurality becomes the most legitimate political entity imaginable. It can't be denied. It can change the world.

If that sounds preposterous, just ask the 750,000 how it worked for them against the largest empire in history.

Mike's right about crisis of legitimacy and how the 3 percent can change the world.
He was always right.

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about guardsmen or what they have been told but I do know the NRA is helping the ISP impose rifle carry banning gun control. Handgun carry IS finally legally coming to Illinois next year (as contrived as it is) and I submit the FEAR is that three generations of thugs aren't going to stand down their assaults on a disarmed society just because some, many even, will now be able to defend themselves.

IOW, it's not really "unrest" they think is coming. It's more a onset of self defense shootings and killings that will piss off those who have had three decades worth of free pass to target the defenseless.

Some will say war is coming to Chicago streets. Others know the war against the innocent has long been waged. What is coming is a population about to FIGHT BACK. and that my friend is what the crooked politicians want to squash. Their whole narrative for campaigns falls apart when people defend themselves.
And they are SCARED!

Anonymous said...

"Ah! But when will the party conservatives realize they must work with the Tea Party ... or perish?"
Hot flash here. The Conservative movement has pretty much moved to the Tea Party. I have been a conservative my entire life.But I began to realize that something was rotten a few years ago. The leadership has become what they once depised. Now they just go along to get along. Many of us look at the Tea Party as a foundation of a new party. Based in Constitutional Conservative ideals. The RNC, RSCC, RCCC are all run by elites. In my home state of Michigan our candidates recieve no help at all from those GOP organizations. They claim they can't win in Michigan. WTF? Michigan has a Republican Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State,both houses of the legislature are controlled by the Republicans and our Congressional House delegation has nine Republicans to 4 Marxists Progressives. And they claim Michigan is a blue state. No wonder these assholes lose. Even the county boards and town councils and commissions for the most part are now Republican. If it weren't for Karl Lenin and the Heat Miser as our Senators things would be a hell of a lot better. But the party won't give a nickel to our candidates for national office. As a result the best folks that we have at the state level won't run because of the amount of money they need to compete and not wanting to lose without the support of the party elites. Just to give one example. We were once an important swing state. But with the Gutless Old Progressives running things we are a political backwater.

Anonymous said...

Same here in Illinois. The democrats win THREE COUNTIES of 102 and they WIN the governors office. And the REPUBLICANS run mark Kirk calling him a win! It's so bad here that even the NRA supports a rifle banning bastard like him. But get this. It will, along with their bumbling brethren the republicans are about to support Kirk Dillard for governor. This is the man who sponsored and pushed through into law here the NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE legislation.

What is that you say? It's the OFFICIAL death of the the government of republican form. NPV legislation is the ultimate end run around our Constitution violating everything from tenth amendment state sovereignty to the bicameral congress, from compacts among the states to the system of checks and balances itself.

The NPV legislation is ALREADY LAW here and here is what it does. It relegates the outcome of the vote in this state to what everyone in every other state decides. Effectively, EVERY PERSON in this state could vote for candidate A but if nationally candidate B gets more votes then ALL of Illinois electoral ballots are cast for candidate B!!!!

Many people talk about detrimental things happening in this country but so very few even know about this danger, much less understand it. There is NO DEEPER corruption than NPV legislation. There is no deeper corruption within the GOP than support for it. There is no deeper corruption within the NRA than trying so hard over multiple election cycles trying to slide in a KIRK DILLARD. INDEED this is worse than its support for mark Kirk.

Hey Mike V, have you examined the NPV? I'd sure Ike to read your musings about it. Make no mistake NPV is more deadly than HIV!

Anonymous said...

Good points are being made about Illinois and the GOP.

Add in the traitors from the NRA and its screwsville for Illinois gun owners.

Kirk Dilldo (spell Check) is a joke the NRA wants to support a guy that got on the TV and radio in Chicago-land and said vote for Obama!

That’s right the biggest RINO in the state and an Obama supporter and that’s who the NRA/ISRA wants for governor!

I am a Tea Party III%