Friday, November 22, 2013

David, Goliath and Colorado's Next Gun-Rights Recall.

Hudak's dishonest defense of disarming and disempowering women sent a chilling message from government to constituents: About to be raped, assaulted or murdered? The odds are against you. Don't bother to fight back.


David Forward said...

Interesting 'rumor' circulating around this recall effort.

Apparently Hudak and the Democratic Fascists in charge have struck a deal to keep power in the hands of the fascists if the recall effort obtains enough signatures to force a recall election. If this rumor is true it will substantiate that the Democrats in power don't respect their constituents who elected them and they are supposed to represent.

Anonymous said...

It still is nice to vote with the pen and win. Coloradans are trying to get their house in order, one vote at a time. It is encouraging to see that no amount of money the collectivists pour into elections dissuades right minded Americans from voting their conscience. If this could be done on a national level, there would be a lot of fancy suits and dresses holding tin cups, most deservedly.