Saturday, November 23, 2013

Praxis: the "Legged Squad Support System" or "LS3". . . "Lassie", get it?


SWIFT said...

My,my, my. Obviously,the designer has never been in combat. All those exposed hydraulic lines, pumps, actuators and electrical systems, would not be functional in 30 seconds. Having pointed that out, I'm now positive they'll buy it.

FG said...

There are always options.

Options even robots can't handle.

Anonymous said...

I'm very much into robotics and have been following this for years. If you look on YouTube for "Big Dog" and "Little Dog" videos from Boston Dynamics, you'll see a lot of development history. (And may stumble into a funny spoof video or two..)

As a feat of robotics engineering, it is outstandingly impressive. As a practical piece of military gear, well, lets see what happens in deployment. It is not "stealth" by any stretch. But it sure could make packing gear into rough country a lot more manageable if it all works out.

Anonymous said...

Think a 12 gauge slug would be enough to take that ugly monstrosity down if it started walking down Main Street, USA?

Anonymous said...

More pusification of my beloved Corps.

Marine Corps Infantryman dont need a stupid robot to hump their packs for them.

We used donkeys when I was overseas. But that was to haul things like extra mortar rounds, food, and water. Which is what I assume this robot will be used for. But packs? You have got to be kidding me.

Also... This stupid thing isnt going to go everywhere. I dont care how great they think it is. It simply is not going to go everywhere infantrymen go. And what will happen is that it will limit Marines on where they can go. I doubt they will allow Marines to not take these stupid things. And I am sure the requests to blow it in place will be denied. So this is going to do nothing but limit their movement.

Also, a good enemy will notice whatever shortcomings this thing has and will be able to predict Marine decisions in rugged terrain. This thing will set them up for ambushes etc.

Not good.

Anonymous said...

As has been already pointed out, this "thing" isn't quiet by any means. That's objection #1. As for the care, maintenance, and "feeding" of this, sounds like the ROI is less then 1 (objection #2). And you're going to augment the carrying of a 400 lb load, with a creature that weighs, what? I'm willing to bet it weighs more then that 400 lb load. And you STILL have to lug it around yourself, as part of your MTOE.

If you want something to do what the Gyrine Corps wants done, GET A MULE, a DONKEY. There may still be some disadvantages to a live animal, but a lot less then a robotics creature that's still under R&D and costing more money than the Corps (or DOD) can afford.

B Woodman

AJ said...

Horses or mules would probably work better and be cheaper. Thus, the .gov will buy this.