Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Progressive Pilfering Institute.

In collectivist terms, the sin here is only one of scale: Three years ago, the Progressive Policy Institute realized that a senior manager had quietly used unauthorized checks, credit-card charges and cash withdrawals to drain about $100,000 from the Democratic think tank’s accounts, pushing the nonprofit group to the edge of insolvency, interviews and documents show.
I mean, after all, the PPI is dedicated to stealing your money and property, how can they object when some freelancer sashays in and steals some of theirs?


Anonymous said...

Nicky Santoro{as narrator}: You need to understand that a man who helps you steal, even if you take very good care of him, he is going to want to grab a little extra for himself. Makes sense, right? But you try and make those hardheaded old greaseballs understand that.

Anonymous said...

Not that different from reshuffling pedophile priests.