Sunday, November 24, 2013

“It’s only new if you have been aggressively ignoring the epidemic of black mob violence around the country.”

A faithful reader forwards a link with the comment: "N.Y. Times Tries to Spin Surge in "Knock-out Game" Racial Attacks as an Urban Myth."
He highlights these quotes from the story:
"The attack added to a growing log of reports of such crimes in the Northeast and beyond. Young assailants were randomly picking unlucky targets and trying to knock them out with just one punch."
"And in New York City, police officials are struggling to determine whether they should advise the public to take precautions against the Knockout Game — or whether in fact it existed."
“We keep getting asked that question,” he said, of the Knockout Game, “and there is no noticeable trend.”
The reader comments:
Meanwhile, the alternative media has been reporting the FACTS on the obvious surge in black on white "thrill" violence for many months:
Surprise! Media finally wake up to Knockout Game.
“It’s only new if you have been aggressively ignoring the epidemic of black mob violence around the country,” said Sherry Godfrey, of Springfield, Mo. “But it happened to my son and I had no idea it was happening around the country until I researched it and found the book “White Girl Bleed A Lot.” For reporters willing to look, hundreds of examples are easy to find – though more often the perpetrators are identified as “unruly teens” or “rambunctious” rather than creators of racial violence and mayhem.
LATER: See also "Knockouts High and Low. Without self-restraint, we slip toward barbarism" who makes the connection between C.S. Lewis, the Knockout Game and Harry Reid's "Nuclear Option."
On November 22, 1963, two other notable men died, and got relegated to the foot of page 37 — the British authors C. S. Lewis and Aldous Huxley. Lewis endures because of the Narnia books (and films), but there’s a lot more in the back of his wardrobe. In his book The Abolition of Man, he writes of “men without chests” — the chest being “the indispensable liaison” between the head and the gut, between “cerebral man” and “visceral man.” In the chest beat what Lewis calls “the trained emotions.” Without them there is no honor or virtue, but only “intellect” and/or “appetite.”
Further down:
Restraint is an unfashionable concept these day, but it is the indispensable feature of civilized society. To paraphrase my compatriot George Jonas, punching a spinster’s lights out isn’t wrong because it’s illegal, it’s illegal because it’s wrong. But, in a world without restraints, what’s to stop you? If a certain percentage of your population feels no moral revulsion at randomly pulverizing fellow citizens for sport, a million laws will avail you naught: The societal safety lock is off.
That’s “visceral man.” What about Lewis’s “cerebral man”? In free nations, self-restraint is required not only of the underclass but of the rulers, too. Harry Reid is an unlikely gang leader, but, for a furtive little rodent, he landed a knockout punch on America’s governing norms. Like the lil’ old lady, Mitch McConnell never saw it coming. One minute, the time-honored practice that judicial appointments required supermajorities was there; the next, it was lying on the ground dead. Yes, yes, I know Senate procedural rules aren’t quite as gripping as “polar-bearing.” But, as I said, a free society requires self-restraint at all levels. Forget the merits of Reid’s move to simple majority rule, and simply consider how he did it.


Anonymous said...

From Steyn's article:

"A government that lies to its own citizens should command no respect. To accord them any is to make oneself complicit in their lies, which is unbecoming to a free people."

And free we will remain.

Anonymous said...

When epidemics are ignored, they continue to spread. The New Yawk leftists are protected with their bodyguards and gated enclaves. When the "polar bear hunters" expand their expeditions to "high-light-white" suburbia, the MSM and the Pols will not be able to sweep the dirt under the rug. I would caution the Trayvons to stay out of the barrio. Hispanics shoot back.

Anonymous said...

If you happen to be a free, armed citizen, who gets caught up in one of these "games", and you can walk away while happening to leave a body or two lying on the ground, do just that. WALK (do not run, do not bring undue attention to yourself) AWAY. Do Not Call the Po-Po. Remain Anonymous. Do you think the young black punksters would bother to call the police on your behalf if YOU were on the ground?
One of the best ways to stop a habit, is to make it as painful as possible. In this case, the deaths of "rambunctious" yuts.

Practice as many of the Four Esses as you can. In this case:

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

"Hispanics shoot back"

No "Latinos," their preferred term of self-description, although most white reporters, politicians and college professors don't seem to notice, will shoot first, when it comes to protecting themselves and their families as well as their property.

They don't give a shit who it is that they have to shoot, or what the man has to say about it. Because it is the honorable, correct and culturally expected response of a man in that situation. No matter who tries to tell them it isn't.

gunnyg said...

Anon @1021 was dead on. Two more points remains to be made.

One, when walking away DO NOT turn around for any reason. Cameras may not have caught it but the commotion may have them tuned in and better the back of your head than the front.

Two, if you carry a semi-auto make sure that when you load your magazines that you wear latex gloves because brass holds fingerprints real good and you won't have time to police up your brass!

Anonymous said...

I NEVER and I repeat NEVER leave my home without my concealed firearm. I always carry a speed-loader in my jacket pocket just in case it is needed. Another speed-loader in my car also. If someone wants to get stupid, he WILL get shot. If he has friends who are also stupid, they will get shot also. When I am out on the road for work, I am collecting money and therefore a bit paranoid. Several years ago I got followed and since that time whenever I am "On the Road" I pack along a folding-stock AK-47 concealed in a large bank bag. I would prefer to surprise the bad boy than get surprised myself. It is getting close to the 2 year anniversary when I had to shoot a burglar. As of yesterday's Jailhouse website check, he is still locked up.
Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared.

Paul X said...

"A government that lies to its own citizens should command no respect."

There was never any other kind of government. Lying is par for the course. Wishing for government to be honest is like looking for unicorns.

The real criminals are those who disarm the victims. Without that disarmament, the Knockout game would never have got started.

Does anyone still pay attention to the mainstream media?