Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another Installment In The Annals Of Totalitarianism: Texas Drivers Stopped At Roadblock, Asked For Saliva And Blood

What's wrong with just saying, "Get the hell out of my face!"?


Anonymous said...

Folks need to be hammering PERRY about how this is happening in Texas.

I await the first arrest of a person who does tell these nazi bastards to piss off and just drives away. See, the license plate will be taken down and a stop done shortly after. Refusal to submit will be called probable cause and reasonable suspicion.

What's MOST scary here in these examples is the number of people who just bow and bah like the sheep they are. Commies said they would infect the schools in order to dumb down the population and it is indeed self evident how successful they have been.

We do. Ass sad as it is to admit, live amongst a nation of IDIOTS.

Anonymous said...

All those videos on Youtube of people refusing to be interviewed and detained at DWI checkpoints should be standard viewing material. Assert your rights and don't be bullied.

Learn the key phrases and use them when encountering these checkpoints/roadblocks.

Things like, "I don't submit to any searches of my person or property". "Am I free to be on my way?" "What reasonable suspicion of a crime do you have to detain me?" "Am I being detained?", etc.

Yank lll said...

There go some more of them good ol' boy quisling scumbags again.. they must be from outta state, no Real Texican would become a quisling on purpose, would they ? (spit)

LE from all states and all agencies are owned by the man.. just like the slaves they want us to become..

Not F'n likely.

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

If you are not free to leave, you are under arrest. If you are under arrest, answer no questions without your lawyer present. I am certain they are studying compliance rates. I wonder what they are going to ask about next?

Anonymous said...

Shoot first.

Answer questions.... never.

Anonymous said...

More N. Texas police misconduct:

Can a killer cop be a III Percenter too?