Friday, November 22, 2013

VPC goes to bizarre lengths to establish link between NRA, gun industry

So Sugarmann is both an NRA member and a licensed member of the gun retail industry (or at least was)? I know he has a great deal invested in this notional link between the NRA and the gun industry, but that's going a little far, don't you think?
Sugarmann is the guy who invented the term "assault weapon" so as to better sell the idea of citizen disarmament. He is a contemptible classic collectivist perverter of language to serve the party line. As I confessed back in the early days of this blog, in a comment on liberals fantasizing about Barack Obama in their sleep.
I've never had an erotic dream about a President or a First Lady. Never.
I did once, back in the Nineties, dream that I was on a Georgetown street, watching Josh Sugarmann (he who wrote the Brady Bill and AWB) being beaten to death by six or seven guys with tire irons and baseball bats. All the while they were chanting (a la "What's the frequency, Kenneth?") "No guns were used in your murder. No guns were used in your murder." I left when his head exploded like a melon.
Weird, huh? Must have been the jalapenos.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad the dream did not come true.