Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sorry, there won't be any posts until late today.

I'm on the road and will be back in my old haunts this evening.  The house sitter reports all calm on the home front.  Appreciate your prayers for safety on the road.

In the mean time, I commend to your attention Mountain Top Patriot's comments on the Heydrich assassination below.  I would like to see more discussion along the lines of how such actions fit into the proper way to execute Fourth Generation Warfare in an American context if/when the regime commits the next Waco.  No threats, please, just calm, reasoned discussion.  The colder and more clinical the discussion of the ramifications of One Hundred Heads, the more likely it is to be taken seriously by the regime analysts, and hopefully by extension, the war makers and would-be tyrants.  This is the only way we have a chance of achieving a mutual understanding that such actions will lead to assured personal destruction on the part of the war makers under the Law of Unintended Consequences -- and thus, perhaps, avoid the bloody exercise all together.


Anonymous said...

First thing, identify "the enemy", and WHY this person is "the enemy". Build up a case as if you were taking this person to court for trial. You will need this for when the time comes SHTF and WROL, you DO NOT want to make this person a martyr, and hurt your own side against swaying public opinion.
And I'm not talking about ONLY the Federales. How about at the state and local levels? The city councel and the korner kop?

Second - learn the habits of "your enemy". Where does he live? Work? Car he/she/it (*) drives? Route (*) drives? Any hideaways (cabin in the mountains/woods)? Regular habits, such as time (*) get up in the morning.

That should be enough homework to begin with.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Do ya think the outcome would have been different if they had kidnapped Heydrich and held him in order to influence Nazi operations in Poland instead of murdering him?

Anonymous said...

..or would the Nazis have just killed everybody and let God sort it all out....sort of like Waco?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what would have happened at Waco if a couple thousand armed "deer hunters" would have shown up and blocked the ATF's escape route from all directions and forced their surrender....or if those hunters would have pulled off a successful 'weapons free' flanking operation to stop the murders?

Anonymous said...

Had we been organized at the time, there was plenty of time to move 2000 patriots towards Mt. Carmel and surround the ATF forces. A few well placed warning shots to convince them we were serious and we could have forced them to stand down and disarm. Then Koresh could have been convinced to stand down as well, come out and talk and the whole situation disarmed without further blood shed. The guilty parties could have been ferreted out, whether it was Janet Reno's lackies or the Koresh jackasses. But it could have been stopped before all those children were burned alive.

Anonymous said...

This imaginary scenario could have been easily operational with organization, leadership and ham radios in numerous areas of local command structure. Something to consider for the future.

Anonymous said...

In my estimation, the "crisis of legitimacy" that MT Patriot mentions is all ready rampant. There are more and more Americans (and others) who are seeing it. I honestly believe that the majority of traitors in the legislature at the federal level and many at the state level are cognizant of the fact that they lack legitimacy. They just don't have the integrity to admit it.

So, in the context of "no more free Wacos", I would say the quickest and most decisive response would be to outflank the marauding .gov actors and settle it. This, of course, would require the the immediate action of locals near the scene. Locals who have mind up their minds in advance that when overt tyranny comes to their neighborhood they are prepared to confront it and eradicate it directly.

My sense is that most folks involved in this line of thinking would be well aware of creeping wrongful actions over time. Corruption does not rear its ugly head in one day. It takes time for it to fester and grow.

Anonymous said...

Add this your discussion, the law of 3s. As in 3minutes without air, you're dead, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food, you're dead. Now, consider this, Chicago has 3 days of food on the shelf. The pipeline getting food there has 7 days worth. meaning basically in 10 day, 10 million people are going to get real hungry. There is a math formula for this.

gunnyg said...

Our stance must be to first ID who is responsible and publicize the account of the why and how and what the evidence is. They should be taken alive if possible and put on trial at a people's tribunal. All on video and the execution of sentence swift and merciless. There can be no room for half-stepping once we have acted.

Under no circumstances should we ever hit innocents or cause collateral damage. Let the regime commit those errors. Right and justice must always be on our side.

Anonymous said...


The first salvo has been fired in NYC. If this isn't enough to make the 3% coalesce, nothing will. The time has come. Now what?

Anonymous said...

The first mistake I seen in both Weavers' and Waco's events is all the concerned citizens at the "crime" scene, but no one is doing any thing. There was plenty of time to circumvent these events, by the patriots. Seemed no one wanted to step forward and get involved. Shame on these people. If I was there I would have had a rifle and recommended that everyone get himself armed and commanded the flanking maneuver if necessary. At least we would have ended up with at least a few more eye for an eyes, at least. But to stand there and do absolutely nothing, absolutely unforgivable.
. Paul A Paver Jr.