Wednesday, November 27, 2013

You've got to be one depraved SOB to pick an Amish family as targets for a drive-by.

Amish buggy horse killed in drive-by shooting in Pennsylvania
Weaver said the Amish are sometimes victims of harassment, and it is not uncommon for passing motorists to throw firecrackers, eggs or other food at them. One reason may be that the Amish religion includes a belief in pacifism.
"They're an easy target. They can't fight back," Weaver said. "If I knew why people thought that was funny, I'd be rich."


Roger J said...

It's low behavior to pick on these harmless refugees from the 16th century. I always remind people that in this country we have the choice to be pacifists because others have fought, bled and died to protect that choice.

Yank lll said...

"You've got to be one depraved SOB to pick an Amish family as targets for a drive-by."

Not if you're an Obamunist Muslim.

Yank lll

Erik said...

If they catch the perps, I'll gladly donate some 45 ammo so they can experience what they put that poor horse through. I'll even make the drive to deliver it... final delivery at about 900 fps from a standard capacity mag!

Anonymous said...

Amish are peaceful people who do not bother anyone. A horse is not only their means of transportation, but invaluable to those that farm. The fool(s) involved really devastated that family. My sincere hopes are that local law enforcement catches and prosecutes the criminals. Talk about a real "hate crime", there it is.