Friday, November 22, 2013

Post-term bodyguards for Bloomberg and Kelly illustrate supreme hypocrisy

Accusing outgoing New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg of offering lucrative bodyguard jobs to his current NYPD security detail “to keep their mouths shut,” the New York Post also highlighted something few outside of gun rights advocacy circles have noted: The absolute hypocrisy of a billionaire who can afford an around-the-clock armed presence devoting a substantial amount of his time and untold millions of dollars with the goal of disarming everyone of more modest means.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Bloomberg, a city mayor,is able to buy favors from a foreign government. Many billionaires do. At least he is paying for his own protection. Perhaps, he will become a Bermudian and we will be rid of him. As for Kelly, he should issue himself a pistol permit and take his chances like other New York City residents. Oops, other residents cannot get permits or own guns, can they? Kelly must have done a great job as commissioner if he feels that unsafe. I am glad I do not pay taxes in that municipality. I remember when Dick Snelling was our governor. He had one trooper as a driver and rode in a Mercury. He probably carried himself.

Anonymous said...

It is a "Title of Nobility" plain and simple. Just one more violation of the supreme law and their oath.

Anonymous said...

You know. If I had a record of perpetrating constitutional violations on people, I'd want body guards too upon retirement.