Monday, November 25, 2013

"American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on America's Character."

I've got to put this book on my Christmas list. it sounds as if it was written by Doctor Richter. Why Academics Hate Diana West
It is in the nature of a totalitarian regime to try and corrupt not only its own society, but anybody within its reach. This is how they conquer the world. Communism has corrupted greater men than a few arrogant academics. Indeed, the academics turned out to be one of the easier targets. As "Sovietologists" and "Kremlinologists," their position depended on their ability to travel to Moscow, and therefore, on KGB’s good will. Having now mutated into "Cold War historians," they are dependent on having such limited access to secret archives as Moscow would choose to grant them. As academics, they are committed to their own theories, true or false. As a ‘community’, they are bound together with their corrupt colleagues, and have to defend their collective monopoly against intruders. It is for a very long time that they have been no more than a self-serving nomenklatura, caring nothing about the truth, but only about their own elevated positions. Like politicians. Like the media. Like the rest of the modern world.
American Betrayal is a book about the origins of that corruption. No wonder it has been so popular with thousands of readers who are sick to death of today’s world with all its hypocrisy and lies, and long for an explanation of our moral crisis. Mrs. West sought an answer and found it. As a civilization, we have gone through a major moral disaster. We have been accomplices to mass murders. Moreover, we then tried to cover them up and to live on as if nothing happened. Without a reckoning, without so much as facing the truth about our history, we shall never recover:
We condemn the German population of the police state from looking the other way from and doing nothing about the Jewish annihilation under way in Nazi concentration camps; we never ask to question ourselves living large in the free world and looking the other way from and saying nothing about ethnic, political, class and religious annihilation under way in Soviet concentration camps. This split vision derives from the triumph of Communism’s unceasing world revolution against “traditional” morality, objective morality, the morality of fixed standards by which men navigate, or at least perceive the shoals of evil and treacherous behaviors. Such morality tells us there is no separating the idea from its toll. This is the lesson we have erased from our slate.
No wonder, too, that this book is hated by 'the consensus," who feel perfectly comfortable in today’s world, and see no moral crisis at all. They have never thought of the Cold War as a great battle against the ultimate evil that has changed our civilization beyond recognition. To them, the history of that battle has been no more than a comfortable job. They never saw establishing the truth about it as a sacred duty we owe to the memory of millions of victims; but merely as a matter for “gentlemanly give-and-take” between "liberals" and "conservatives," leading to a sound academic consensus.


RC said...

I'm half way through this book. It's almost beyond belief... To think we were that completely infiltrated is mind staggering. To think we were that blind, that... morally bankrupt is saddening beyond words. To know that we're doing it again, right now regarding radical the very definition of insanity.

Mark Dietzler said...

I've read it, I got it on Kindle. It radically changed my mental map of WWII, and if you think Communism is evil with a capital "E", this book will piss you off something fierce. If there is any cosmic justice at all, it would cement FDR's place in history as one of the biggest collaberators with tyrants the world has ever seen. Millions were knowing betrayed into suffering and slavery by him.

Obvious Moniker said...

Bought the book yesterday and what I'm reading is sadly no surprise after having read Blacklisted By History, which revolved around McCarthy and the PR/propaganda campaign to discredit him.

Not sure how much common ground they tread as I'm no where near done with Betrayal, but worth the read in conjuntion so far.