Tuesday, November 26, 2013

“America is not an oligarchy.” You know, I've had my disagreements with ole Jeff, but Fast and Furious wouldn't have been broken in the way that it did without him and his staff.

Sen. Sessions slams Obama, CEOs on immigration


rexxhead said...

Granted -- illegal immigration is a problem. Do we all understand WHY it's a problem now? Because it wasn't a problem in 1850 when the Irish arrived looking for something to eat.

It's a problem now because now we have a welfare state, and then we didn't.

That means 'illegal immigration' is the SYMPTOM, not the disease.

Go ahead and cure the symptom. Know what will happen? Next year, you'll have a different symptom because he underlying cause didn't get fixed.

The only way to get relief from all those symptoms is to cure the disease that causes them. If that sounds like too big of a job, I have some bad news for you.

Paul X said...

Rexxhead, you are right on target. Americans want socialism without suffering the inevitable costs of socialism, so they fool around with band-aid solutions like immigration controls.

My wife has hired many Indians in the high tech field over the years. She would prefer to hire Americans for these jobs but there are too few. I suppose most American kids are getting worthless MBAs in college these days. HR departments are also a huge problem. Sad when you think the IT industry was created in this country.

Paul X said...

Oh, one more thing. America actually is an oligarchy.

H. Nelson said...

Congress is an oligarchy. Frank Murkowski (R-AK) proved that one.

Paul-X if corporate world would pull their heads out of their asses and quit relying on paper certifications and hire for experience, then the problem would go away. They won't though, cheaper to hire "talent" from out of country. Hence the reason why corporate is pushing for a free pass on illegals.

I ran into a paper CCIE a couple years ago. The idiot could not build a crossover cable nor did he know how to do basic CAT5/6 wiring, nor did he know 568A or B. Pretty sad considering he was paid big bucks.

Did I mention this same joker who wanted to take down a mission critical part of the network at lunch time to swap out 5 3600 series switches? I just about hung him on the flag pole out front over that piece of work.