Thursday, November 21, 2013

Is CNN ‘Expert’ Complicit in the Trentadue Murder Cover-up?



Anonymous said...

There is certainly some explaining to be done. I had never heard of Trentadue or his relation to OKC. That is one reason I love this site. The moderator finds things of interest that I would miss in the News. What do we need al-jazeera on cable for anyway? Perhaps so they can become "authorized journalists" and spin their slant on events to the uninitiated?

Anonymous said...

But there's a bigger picture, Mike. We have solid, photographic evidence of a second shooter in Dallas on the November day in 1963. Then there's the gas check seen in the autopsy xray of the back of Kennedy's head, giving rise to the possibility of a third shooter that day. Couple that with the Trentadue murder and that long list of assisted suicides on the Clinton back-trail.

We have a corrupt government to the level of murder, and now they are being cornered by their own incompetence. You know what they say about cornering a wounded wild animal.

Better keep all your movements extremely public, my friend. If I lived close enough to you to take a night shift at standing guard over you and your family, I would.

Keep a big eye.

Mitch Rapp

SWIFT said...

Jesse Trentadue's efforts, in exposing the FBI murderers of his brother, places him on top of my list of people who still have honor. Looking around contemporary America, finding a person who deserves the title of honorable, is rare indeed. It speaks a lot about our national moral code, when every battle for good vs. evil, is a David vs. Goliath. Sad commentary that. To the FBI monitoring this site, look inward and do a moral inventory and see how you stack up. If you know something, stand up and say so.

sdharms said...

what is this, a little context would be helpful.

Anonymous said...

Search this site for Trentadue's been covered in depth.

Here are some links from the search I just ran:

These were linked to Sipsey, originally. Make sure you watch the video in the second link.

Anonymous said...

@sdharms, the following is a link to a detailed article

Just copy amd paste into your browser address window, alternatively go to and search for Kenneth Michael Trentadue. Hope this helps.