Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Attack of the cheese-eating surrender monkeys at NSSF (again).

Industry group continues preemptive surrender tradition for ‘undetectable guns'
The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the firearms industry’s trade association, has written letters to Congress urging both houses to reauthorize the Undetectable Firearms Act before it expires on Dec. 9, Desert Eagles Technologies reported Saturday.
While a search for a press release and copies of the letters on the NSSF website did not locate the actual letters, the report is consistent with a “fast facts sheet” on “‘3D printing’ of firearms” previously issued by the group in which it asserted “The current Undetectable Firearms Act should be reauthorized.”
“NSSF is concerned that new proposals that go well beyond current law could hamper federally licensed firearms manufacturers from developing prototypes using advanced or emerging technologies,” the Desert Eagles Technologies report explains.
In other words, because something “worse” might be passed, it’s best to cede the point now.


FedUp said...

To by cynical about it, what they support doesn't affect them, it only affects individuals.

This viewer is left to ponder whether the goal of the NSSF is to avoid bills that directly affect their members, or whether it is their desire to have Congress stand in the way of progress in firearms made by those who aren't licensed manufacturers.

Anonymous said...

The semi automatic ban "sunset" because not even progressive loyalists had the guts to advocate it being extended post 9-11.

Any republican passing THAT now WILL and MUST be seen as PRO GUN CONTROL.

STRAIGHTFORWARDLY speaking,"undetectable" can be matched synonymously with CONCEALED. AND FACTUALLY speaking, a person has the RIGHT to exercise their privileges and immunities in private - away from prying eyes of government and other Citizens.

While chuckie might have his panties up in a bunch, the HOUSE had better not pass ANYTHING resembling a extension. It's time PUBBIES be held to account on the "givernment of republican form" front.


Anonymous said...

On 10 Dec 2013, my all-ceramic Millimeter-wave-invisible single-shot pistol will go into production. There are some kinks yet about blowing up, but at least the serial numbers on the first 30,000 lowers will be "legal", if invisible.

Kidding. I'll just untuck my shirt and hide the holster in my pants.