Thursday, November 28, 2013

NRA silence gave pass to ‘pro gun Democrats’ who voted for ‘nuclear option

Well of course they did.


Paul X said...

I don't understand why NRA still has members. Are these folks so obtuse that they don't know what is going on? Why, in this age of the Internet? Or do they know, but don't care? It's not like there are no effective competitors to NRA out there (GOA, etc.). All I can figure out is that it is inertia that keeps people in the fold. Either that, or NRA has captured a lot of morons.

Anonymous said...

Love it or hate it, the NRA is the 800 pound gorilla in the room when the gun control issue comes up. When the lame stream press talks about "the gun lobby", they're not talking about JPFO or SAF. Which is doubly surprising because, in spite of whatever Wayne LaPierre says, the NRA has never been, isn't now, and shows no interest in ever being an effective pro 2A organization. NRA is a marksmanship and gun safety training organization with a sideline in things of interest to hunters.

Think I'm full of it? Read up on their history, look at where they spend their money, and read Neal Knox's book.

Now consider what NRA could be, would be, should be, if enough threepers were voting life members.

In fact, a very small number of NRA members have any say in how it is run. And an even smaller number bother. Participation in Board of Director elections is shamefully low.

The bottom line is that if only a few thousand threepers were eligible to vote for NRA Directors we could make it OUR NRA and run it as a real pro 2A organization.

FedUp said...

Some clubs require NRA membership to qualify for club membership.