Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kerodin tries to get a leg up on that old Fort Sumter thing. Pete concurs. Somewhere an FBI COINTELPRO control agent is smiling.

A reader draws my attention to this post. As Kerodin posts have a tendency to disappear when adults notice, I reproduce it below:
Wednesday, November 13, 2013
If Rule of Law is dead...
...then under what set of Rules do we exist, and should we exist?
96% of you, in the poll at right, say Rule of Law is dead.
82% of you in the poll beneath agree that you are personally ready to participate in a black-bag-a-commie-for-mommie Op. (queue Jedi Zoomie for commie-bashing, boot-stomping, knife-in-neck style propaganda... ;)
In the poll below that 94% of you re-affirm RoL is dead, and it is time to respond in kind.
Now, don't get me wrong. I know these polls are not even close to scientific, and the pool of people answering those polls are of a shared and non-mainstream political worldview.
But, does it matter, even one little bit, that the people answering the polls, in such overwhelming affirmation that it is time to go to work, represent such a small percentage of the populace? It didn't matter to Sam Adams and his boys on the docks. It didn't matter to Patrick Henry or most of the others who gave birth to this republic. I continue to use III%, but you and I know damned well George Washington could never put 3 percent of modern Americans in the field today, and if he did, they'd frag his arse before nightfall. I know damned well how truly few we are - and every one of you is worth a thousand of them, or more. I choose you. We'll call it III Percent, and we'll work with what we've got.
So now what you need to think about, very seriously, in the dead of night when you are not able to sleep, in that very quiet place in your own mind where you do not even allow your husband or wife of fifty years to enter: If Rule of Law is dead, that means that the rules which governed our upper-paleolithic hunter-gatherer aunties and uncles are in effect. (They always have been, but that's a topic for another cheery day.) That means you can't trust anyone to treat you fairly, under any circumstances. It means that when you are stopped by LEO, he may choose to put his M4 in your face, because he can. He may shoot your toy poodle, because he can. Banks can simply hold your money, because they can. If you make it to court, you will lose, because the Rule of Law is dead and the Rule of Man is in play. They will win because they can.
What has changed since Heller and MacDonald, in real terms, regarding 2A? 2A has lost ground in every major Blue state in the republic (the states that elect Presidents), 2A has lost the biggest fight since 1934 in the Obamacare "Prohibited Persons" designation which is already expanding the number of "Prohibited Persons" via "Mental Health" and has your doctor reporting to Herr Wolf. And people are braying for secession, as if those Blue areas will never choke them off economically, starve them like Ukrainians, and then move in and take those precious guns from cold, dead, famine-clenched hands before re-claiming the valuable land.
If you believe in your heart that Rule of Law is dead, are you going to continue to live under what they decree to be "Law"?
If not, then you'd better have your war-face on. You'd better have your Go Bag and tools of war with you, every moment. Because when they confront you, whether at your home, at your office, on the subway, in email from some local bureaucracy, at the pizza place for lunch, or on a traffic stop, their Law gives them the Right to kill you, where you stand or sit. They do not need a reason.
Personally, I only see one way to return the Rule of Law in America - mother*ck those bastards so badly they BEG to reinstate the genuine Rule of Law to protect themselves from us.
But we decide when, and if, that happens - not them. Crying "OK! We surrender!" is a suckers move, and if you stop then, you are just laying the ground for your kid or grandkid to have to face it all over again.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is time and you had best un-fuck yourself.
That is all.
Good f'n morning.
Pete, Kerodin's biggest fan, heartily concurs.
The reader who forwarded these to me wrote:
"F-cking Pete. Asshole is pimping out K. The collective sheep are being goaded into throwing a Ft. Sumter. Idiots. You know when the bastard finally goads a rube into doing something it will be K’s name on the endorsement as the 'leader of the III movement' and it is that message that will be blasted out on every news channel from Kalifon-i-a to Kathmandu."
"By their works ye shall know them." Certainly somewhere an FBI COINTELPRO control agent is smiling. Of course it won't really be a Fort Sumter, they have neither the numbers nor the popular support for that.  It will be another OKC bombing, complete with FBI snitches and provocateurs.   At best, these neo-collectivists are soliciting the butchery of innocents.  Does anybody here still think that this is all about my ego?

You know, these guys are starting to make me look like a prophet.


Anonymous said...

Kerodin, the bully, is just pissed he lost his lawsuit. K must be making the FLEAs quite happy as he self incriminates himself. Anybody with half a brain would dissociate themselves from K, as this idiot is working hard at dragging rubes into his tantrum. Really makes me wonder about Pete, who has been on the LEO side of the courtroom and knows the machinations of illegalities...

Pretty obvious to even the most casual observer that K is an accident waiting to happen.

Rollory said...

Once upon a time, when I was a believer, I tried advocating your broken windows strategy at MR. Soren Renner responded by pointing me out as a perfect example of what not to do, and that anybody who ever openly speaks of “action” of any sort is acting for the enemy.

In retrospect, he was absolutely correct, and I owe him an apology.

Anonymous said...

I think Kerodin is far more than "an accident waiting to happen".

He is an instigator looking to make bad shit happen.

My view of Pete has again been diminished greatly. I am now wondering who has what on him?


Anonymous said...

Mike. I don't know anything about this Kerodin thing except what you've posted. That's not to say I'm not learning. But it seems to me he had one thing to say that makes sense.
"Because when they confront you, whether at your home, at your office, on the subway, in email from some local bureaucracy, at the pizza place for lunch, or on a traffic stop, their Law gives them the Right to kill you, where you stand or sit. They do not need a reason." unquote
Every single day I read accounts of the truth of his observation. Innocent people are being murdered by the PTB, for any reason they deem fit. SWAT, individual LEO's, FBI, ATF, and now we have the Surveillance State using every tech they can to track and monitor whomever they please for any reason they deem. Terrorists my ass. We're ALL considered "potential terrrorists" now. And, this tech is now allowing them to SHARE info on domestic "targets" by virtue of secret agreements between the various alphabet agencies and domestic
Add the fact the USG has declared the right to murder you for any reason, any where, any time they deem fit without so much as a warrant...this is getting fucking scary.

If any one knows where this is do.

So, as a common citizen.. what are we to do? Just wait to be murdered by some crazy mofo LEO or SWAT who've made a massive mistake in address? After all..there were 80 THOUSAND SWAT TEAM actions last year alone. WHEN is enough enough?

And please..I've never claimed to be a 111per. Just an alarmed citizen trying to figure this shit out. Thanks

Anonymous said...

If you look at the over-all tone of the articles and responses on WRSA, you will find much more than just the provocative piece you have referenced. I have been following that website as well as your own for more than two years. Yes, you have bomb-throwers and the rah-rah crowd. You also have quite a few thoughtful folks who opine about staying prepped, waiting and watching,keeping fit, and organizing their families and tribes.
Whatever personal animosity you have towards certain individuals is understandable. I have arrived late to the party and I do not know all of the details. And, I do agree that we cannot have any more Fort Sumters. But sometimes folks need to blow off a little steam.
George Hayduke wrote a series of books about getting even with bad people/institutions. He referred to it as Monkeywrenching. I believe you advocated something similar awhile back involving breaking windows. Then there was the OBAMA/JOKER posters soaked in Pet Milk. Such antics are relatively harmless, get the point across, and allow FreeFor to sharpen up on tactics and techniques. They fall far short of the horror of OKC as your photo shows.
I regret the division among the folks on our side of the fence. If you can document or amplify your allegations of COINTELPRO, I would appreciate it. Best wishes on your book. I eagerly await its publication.

Dutchman6 said...

Sure it's scary. Anybody who isn't scared at the current threats to life, liberty and property doesn't have a clue. but that is all the more reason that we must keep our heads and not give in to fear, not over-react, or more importantly in K's case, solicit proactive murder out of that fear. You think the Founders weren't scared spitless at the prospect of taking on the greatest military power in the world of their day? You bet your ass they were. BUT THEY STILL MANAGED TO USE ALL THEIR AVAILABLE TIME GETTING READY UNTIL THE BRITISH FIRED THE FIRST SHOT. And they included politics in that process. There were many provocations by the Crown forces, but they declined to be provoked until the enemy took that all-important first shot and ceded the moral high ground. K is urging people to ignore that precedent. Why is that, do you suppose?

Ed said...

So far, a few hundred people have responded to his two survey questions about Rule of Law. One third of the Rule of Law respondents have wisely not responded to his question about their willingness to black-bag a Commie. How many more viewers of that page have refused to give a response to any of his questions? How many that have responded have responded truthfully?

"Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing."

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....since K doesn't believe he's got 3 percent of modern Americans....perhaps he should change the name. Perhaps the 1/4 percent? LOL.

Oh wait....that wouldn't suit the COUNTERINTELPRO's purpose...which is to tie K's hatred/lunacy to the IIIper movement thereby discrediting it and rallying public support for the gubmint to move against it and gun owners.

bubba said...

Our side needs to remember our childhood lessons. A good one to contemplate is IF - by Rudyard Kipling. We also need to remember that there is always ebb and flood in all of life.

We are arriving at the end of the current generational cycle and it appears to me that our communists are in decline. As their flame dies away they become more greedy, wild-eyed and radical as they too sense their power slipping away. They aren't anywhere near ready to confiscate all of our property or claim our lives – yet – and during this generation will never be able to.

I’ve lived more than half of this cycle and I might live to see half of the one we are about to transition to. Regardless, the new cycle we will live in will be different from but also like much of the last.

God is teaching us a lesson and He wants us to pay attention.

Anonymous said...

Tom Baugh actually has had quite a bit of goodness to add to these discussions lately.

I can't comment really on motivations, but I can point to the Alaskan "241" fiasco that sent folks to prison because they had the need to voice opinions on various issues such as what constituted "hammer time."

Please people. Caution. Words have consequences. When one sees that they do not- that is the time to be the most concerned.

I don't have any desire to make this personal towards any person or group- only to urge caution. We will need all of us later. Words are not worth it.



R.R. said...

Yes, it is still all about your ego. Unlike so many who like to bash Kerodin, I'm not afraid to put my name to my comments.
Joshua Rowe III

Anonymous said...

Lessons from our past enemies -1

In the 1960s, the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara developed the foco (Spanish: foquismo) theory of revolution in his book Guerrilla Warfare, based on his experiences during the 1959 Cuban Revolution. This theory was later formalized as "focalism" by RĂ©gis Debray. Its central principle is that vanguardism by cadres of small, fast-moving paramilitary groups can provide a focus for popular discontent against a sitting regime, and thereby lead a general insurrection. Although the original approach was to mobilize and launch attacks from rural areas, many foco ideas were adapted into urban guerrilla warfare movements.
The Squad or the Twelve Apostles was an Irish Republican Army (IRA) unit founded by Michael Collins to counter the British intelligence efforts during the Irish War of Independence, mainly by means of assassination.
On 30 July 1919, the first assassination authorised by Michael Collins was carried out when Detective Sergeant "the Dog" Smith was shot near Drumcondra, Dublin.[2] The Squad would continue targeting plainclothes police, members of the G Division of the Dublin Metropolitan Police, and—occasionally—problematic civil servants.

Anonymous said...

Lessons from our past enemies - 2

Creation and manipulation of front groups or infiltration of existing organizations. While the Communist presence in the "united Front" against the US/GVN was no secret, VC operatives took pains to screen the full extent of their influence, and stressed patriotism, anti-foreign sentiment, local grievances and other issues that could mobilize support. Integral to this process was the creation of "front" groups to mask the true VC agenda.[3] Such groups lent an aura of populist spontaneity and voluntarism while the VC worked them behind the scenes. Such entities could be seemingly innocuous farming cooperatives, or cultural groups, or anything in between. Party members either manipulated these new groups behind the scenes or infiltrated existing ones and gradually took over or influenced them towards the VC line. The goal was to enmesh as many people as possible in some group which could then be manipulated. Thus for example a traditional, apolitical rice harvest festival would be eventually twisted into mobilizing demonstrations against a government official or policy. Members of a farming cooperative might be persuaded into signing a petition against construction of an airfield. Whatever the exact front, issue, or cover used, the goal was control and manipulation of the target population.[3]
As their web expanded, VC methods became more bold. Hit squads attacked and eliminated selected enemies. Ironically, officials who were TOO efficient or honest might also be liquidated since their conduct might mitigate the grievances and resentments the cadres sought to stoke. Farmers who owned "too much" land might also be fingered. Government facilities, or the private property of those on the target list might also be damaged and sabotaged. Such terror attacks not only eliminated rivals, they served as salutary examples to the villagers as to what could potentially befall them if they opposed the Revolution.[3]
If fully successful, the once sleepy village might be turned into a functioning VC support base. In the early stages of the Vietnam War, American officials "discovered that several thousand supposedly government-controlled 'fortified hamlets' were in fact controlled by Viet Cong guerrillas, who 'often used them for supply and rest havens'."[79] The VC intent was to set up a "parallel" administration, operating clandestinely.

Anonymous said...

Lessons from our past enemies - 3

Such "revolutionary government" would set and collect taxes, draft soldiers to fight, impress laborers for construction tasks, administer justice, redistribute land, and coordinate local community events and civic improvements. All this activity had one aim – to further the VC/NLF cause, and tighten the Party's grip over the masses.[3]
While a wide variety of front groups and propaganda campaigns were deployed and manipulated by VC political operatives, the VC also tapped effectively into local grievances and nationalist sentiment to attain a measure of genuine popular support in some areas. Parallel with this however, was an unmistakable track of coercion and intimidation.[80] Villagers in a "liberated area" had little choice but to shelter, feed and finance the Revolutionary Forces, and were forced to expand the "liberated zone" by supplying manpower for constructing and maintaining supply dumps, fortifications, tunnels, and manufacturing facilities.
VC "Armed Propaganda" squads conducted a systematic campaign of assassination and kidnapping to eliminate competitors, intimidate the populace and disrupt or destroy normal social, political and economic life. These two tracks: popular support, and coercion/intimidation, were to run on together for a good part of the War.[80]

Steve Ramsey said...

Kerodin is always bleating about "stepping of the porch" He himself, remains a permanent porch fixture.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Mr. K definitely got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I do not read his site, but it sounds like he believes he is the reincarnation of Edmund Ruffin. Blog posts and responses are certainly read and categorized. Best not to provide any ammunition to the opposition, especially needlessly. I have not heard when the whole Idaho compound will become active, or has that gone by the wayside? This fellow is acting way too provocatively. I would not like anyone of true patriotic intent to be caught up in his scheming.

Anonymous said...

I have read some of your posts and some of his. And pardon my ignorance I still can not figure out what quite the beef is you have with each other? Maybe I have missed something. But exactly whats the beef? I do not affiliate myself with either side. I am a Patriot, who is sick of what the communists are doing to my country. THEY are the enemy.

Osmium said...

Local. Local. Local!

Enemy moles can infiltrate social media and large networks easily but they have a tougher time infiltrating families and tightly knit communities.

It should be obvious to his donors that building a fort in the mountains is not the same as restoring liberty. If Kerodin was seriously trying to restore liberty, he would be using all the money donated to him to fund the creation of militias at the local level.

Osmium said...

Oh yes, Kerodin says the rule of law is dead, but he sure does not mind waging lawfare on his opponents, using the same corrupted justice system he rails as oppressive. It's no different than Hitler saying Germany should be blonde and tall, when he was brown haired and short.

Anonymous said...

I actually agree with the submission that heller and McDonald have given way to MORE gun control. That aside - I have to ask.

Was that Kerodin featured on National Geographic "preppers " last night?

Charles N. Steele said...

Remember Sandy Hook? You'd think people could actually learn from experience -- the statists are desperate for some "crisis" so they can pretend to solve it. You don't need to know anything about the characters of Kerodin or Mike to figure out that starting a fight is an idiotic idea.

There's too much worrying. We're not on the cusp of anything. Better to go about your business, work for peaceful return to liberty and the Constitution, and be very well prepared just in case.

oughtsix said...

Here is one of my attempts to blunt K's suborning at WRSA, in a thread about:

Herein K tries to ameliorate some of the criticism of his ""poll" about "hammertime":

Kerodin | November 14, 2013 at 14:05 | Reply

I am pleased and thankful that some of the more astute and intellectually honest readers recognize in my recent posts that I nuance my questions very carefully, and get very specific answers. There is a WORLD of difference between “Is it time to start duct-taping Mayor’s who skim money to signs on median strips” and “Hey, why don’t one or two of you go duct-tape Mayor McIdiot to the I-30 overpass!”

For the record, if I ever decide to go to work, I will go first, on my own.

Everyone else can decide what they choose to do on day two.

That’s called Freedom.


My small effort to fly him alive:

oughtsix | November 14, 2013 at 22:23 | Reply

(Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

“For the record, if I ever decide to go to work, I will go first, on my own.”

“For the record…” which you will disappear at the first sign of inconvenience to yourself.

“if I ever decide to go to work”

One humongous “if”. Never.

“I will go first”

Juvenile chest thumping and without the slightest substance- bullshit. And stupid, meaningless, counterproductive… very poor tactics at the very least.

“on my own.”

You got that right, I do so sincerely hope.

“Everyone else can decide what they choose to do on day two.”

You mean like, try to fight back against the devastation of the IIIResistance you had so ‘bravely’ instigated?

As if you will be the first to Go! to lead the way to Glorious Leader’s New Era of Cloistered Feudalism, that you will be The Won to know when “it’s Time.”

Suppose serious men of conscience, with Reality as their paradigm and morality as their guide, just ignore you?

That’s called Liberty and the pursuance thereof.


Anonymous said...

Anyone answering in the affirmative to whether or not they would "black-bag a commie for mommie" should reasonably expect a visit from his friendly neighborhood Homeland Security swat team.

Sam, if you're NOT a mole, you deserve a backfist and shovel to the head for your outright stupidity.

oughtsix said...

Here's another attempt I posted there,

oughtsix | November 14, 2013 at 20:52 | Reply

I made these comments down the page on a thread with all of two responses, so few if any read them there. This seemed a good place to
re post it:

These are the bookends of one paragraph from the 1st linked G Am article:


“What type of culture are we fostering within our teams, cells, and groups? Our defined values are our moral standard, and we should live our lives in a manner that, even under the worst circumstances, our actions reflect our values by default. “

“To paraphrase Ghandi: your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your behavior, and your behavior becomes your destiny. Just remember that unless you direct your moral compass to align with a Godly concept of morality, in any circumstance, self-preservation alone will be your default. Foster exceptional culture now.”

I take that to mean No Indiscriminate Mass Murder.

If you understand and accept that, and you should, then all the talk about killing and imprisoning whole segments of the population with whom you disagree, hold responsible, hold in contempt or despise, should be scrupulously and honestly re-examined in light of those precepts. You can’t pursue the higher ideals, create a better society, through behavior that is no different than that of our enemies.

Before you trot out the “kinder, gentler” meme, which coming from many here amounts to an epithet, I do not mean that justice, retribution even, is not to be meted out to those responsible for the regime counter revolution… just not to the ignorant, the apathetic, the unknowing, no, not even the freeloaders. These are the victims of the regime no less than we.

And how long, and with what great effort and struggle have any of you been through to shed your blinders and become more aware? At this point in the process, do you think that everyone should have already done as you have done?

Beam, meet eye.

Many of those who are a burden and drain on society will perish of their own poor choices and the consequences of collapse in any event. We will not have to make that call. All we’re entitled to do is defend our own against what ever the threat may be. That, and kill the elites and their enablers as the opportunities arise.

“Just remember that unless you direct your moral compass to align with a Godly concept of morality, in any circumstance, self-preservation alone will be your default. Foster exceptional culture now.”

Anonymous said...

That Kerodin punk seems like the biggest coward of all on that day, on that site. All mouth. Too much mouth. He's bad news for everyone.

Either he's working for the government or he's just stupid as hell.

If he's not (a mole), then he must have been neglected, if not orphaned, by his parents. He's starved for attention and craves some (unearned) leadership role, which he will never quite obtain. In that case, he is dangerous for all Americans.

Anonymous said...

Of course Kerodin is a fedgov mole / provocateur. Am I the only one who remembers Hal Turner?

oughtsix said...

My first comment above in rebuttal to K was deleted by Pete. His treatment of me can be seen there.

My second piece above was answered with this:

Concerned American | November 14, 2013 at 22:58 | Reply

…just not to the ignorant, the apathetic, the unknowing, no, not even the freeloaders. These are the victims of the regime no less than we.

Good luck with that proposal.

And BTW, I assume it’s the “indiscriminate” part of “indiscriminate mass murder” to which you object.

To which I replied:

oughtsix | November 15, 2013 at 00:56 | Reply

No, I object to all three:

Indiscriminate. We should have very good reason, outside of combat, to execute anyone. You know, discriminate between the truly guilty and those who are not.

Mass. Discrimination, not to mention justice, forbids “mass.”

Murder. The just execution of the demonstrably guilty is not murder, nor is the taking of lives in combat. Where are the zero aggression principle, right to self defense advocates hereabouts?

As to “good luck with that proposal,” see above where I recognize that not everything will be within our control (“Many of those who are a burden and drain on society will perish of their own poor choices…”).

And it’s not a “proposal,” it’s a tactical requirement, a moral imperative. Even if you’re not a Believer, plain morality needs no further justification to an intelligent and upright person.The whole point of that article, and recall that I didn’t write it, Geurrillamerica did…. well, Hell, if you didn’t get it, don’t want to acknowledge it, can’t grasp the importance of morality to the success or failure of anything we may try to do… the Hell with it.

Try reading through it again with your prejudgments in check. It won’t kill you and it won’t set the resistance back or anything.
(end quote)

The knots on my head from trying to beat down that wall with reason......

Jim Bowery said...

For those who believe that they cannot leave to the next generation, as did "The Greatest Generation", the reinstatement of the sovereignty of the people, please read Jury Nullification Remediating Treason Against the People. Note there are 4 classes of "actors" on a spectrum, the general principle of division being:

If you speak, don't act. If you act, don't speak.