Monday, June 24, 2013

We're fixing to lose David Codrea to the private sector, and it's a damn shame.

David Codrea, Len Savage and somebody else at Knob Creek.
I may be breaking a confidence here, but the fact of the matter is that between the bastards at Examiner who keep jacking around their citizen journalists by cutting their pay-per-view and the failure (out of oversight or, in some cases, such as Drudge and the NRA, apparent pure animus) to link David's important work, he is now seeking work in the private sector. He will no longer be able to keep going with an economic model that is apparently a failure. And when he does find another job, he will not have the time to pursue important stories like Fast and Furious, the Reese family, etc. This is a tragedy and a damn shame on those of us who have not done what we can to share David's links with the wider world. You don't have to send him money, in fact he will refuse it or, if non-returnable, give it to charity. What he needs is for y'all to support his work by sharing his Examiner links. Please.


Anonymous said...

Examiner articles cause great consternation with IE. Even happens with Chrome and Firefox, although not to the same degree. Not just annoying pop-ups but freeze-ups and even lock-ups requiring clearing/rebooting. There is something funky going on with Examiner articles of all stripes.
Yes, I still go over and read his stuff, but those kinds of occurrences are powerful deterrents to casual readers that can't afford the time hassle or a call to tech help at work (even if you're on your own time). I suspect this is one of the major problems leading to lack of hits.

WarriorClass III said...

Unless Examiner is a government run enterprise, I think he was in the private sector.

Examiner does have a lot of problems, however, and perhaps David would be better off with out them. It's their loss really, not David's.

I wish him all the best in whatever he does, and hopefully he'll find a better venue and keep doing what he loves. This could be a blessing in disguise; keep the faith.

the gun wire said...

It's a shame - he generates so much relevant content. In just under 2 years since I started 'the gun wire.', I'm quite confident I've linked most if not all of his work. Along with others at The Examiner.

Anonymous said...

I share his links constantly, as I do yours on a daily basis. It makes me sad to know someone who shares such important stories has to find other work because he can't make a living telling the truth.

Unfortunately, the great unwashed isn't interested in the truth. Unless it's Kardashian's ass size and the length of a Subway 12" sandwich.

It it WERE interested, David would make a killing and so would you Mike. And therein lies the living proof.

Anonymous said...

I seem to be linking them almost daily....too bad Examiner is jerking him around. Hate to lose such a valuable asset.

Good luck to him in his endeavors, regardless.

Anonymous said...

Leaving Examiner would be the best thing David could do for himself - AND us (Kurt, too). That is the most user (and apparently contributor) UNFRIENDLY site I've ever seen. Short list of complaints:

Annoying ads/link boxes that you can't close and stay up in front of text.
Video ads and news stories that slow down loading, lock up the scrolling, and then run at lowered volume, and when paused (you can't close them), reload another when you don't allow them to run after a given amount of time.
Inappropriate ad content that I'm sick of seeing (and can't find which tracking cookies to delete).

And last but not least, I refuse to leave comments (no matter how much I want to) on sites that FORCE us to use only those "social" media sites that are three letter agency funnels. There ARE alternatives, even if they are also subject to continuous monitoring for CONTENT (contrary to what we are told). At least Disqus isn't owned by an arrogant, snot-nosed twerp, who brags about being an agency stooge.

I cringe each time there's a link to that horrible site.

We don't need to lose David, just Examiner.

Dean Weingarten said...

Of course, the Examiner is also part of the private sector.

I wish we could figure a way to pay David better. He has done excellent work.

Perhaps a subscription? If only a thousand paid a couple of bucks a month, it might be enough.

Black Rifle said...

Damn, i click his examiner pages open even when i cant read them, just so he can get the credit. it'd be a shame to loose his contributions.

Paul X said...

I suspect we will still be hearing from David, one way or another. :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous @ 10:44 absolutely 100%. I am fed up with all the crap that Examiner tries to shove down our throats. Wherever David takes his column to will get my support as long as there isn't all that crappola that Examiner has been shoving down our throats.