Monday, June 24, 2013

That old "For whom the bell tolls" thing.

'Walking while armored (and black)' apparently grounds for suspicion in New York
Again, it's not easy to conjure up any sympathy for "King Salim Habazz," or to be very upset about his removal from the streets, but if his making himself more difficult to shoot to death is to be considered grounds for suspicion of a crime worthy of suspending the Bill of Rights, why should any of us consider ourselves immune to the same abuses?


Joel said...

Well, but walking while black has been a crime in NYC for quite a long time now. "Stop and frisk" permits cops to hassle you for no discernible reason at all, and this guy gave them one. Sort of. So no disrespect meant to Kurt, but what's new?

Peter/thedweeze said...

Our Unalienable Rights apply to all, even those with whom we disagree.

As I said in the linked blog post, a racist is a racist regardless of skin color.

Being a racist (or sexist or anti-gay) is not grounds to deny one's Rights.

Anonymous said...

whadda ya bet he walks....?