Sunday, June 16, 2013

"Happy Father’s Day, Patriot: I Hope You’re Raising Your Kids to be Righteously Rebellious."

No civilization has lasted long as King of the Hill when there was a death of faith, a degeneration of morals, contempt for traditional values, a reliance upon big government, a collapse of culture, a paralysis of the will, a decline in its native born population, and foreign invasion that wasn’t resisted.


Anonymous said...

Bitch- Bitch- Bitch- Bitch- Bitch. Well as long as we hide behind the keyboards and scream "no more Ft. Summners" That's all we will ever do BITCH in utter impotence. No provocation will ever be enough to snap us out of our cowardly cringing. We will never act. How long shall we wait? Till we are shone the train to the death camps, When our wife is told to abort The "defective child" she carries? Perhaps the first time our children come home from "school" to tell us that prostitution is a life choice. How long Mike? We know that their is now no way to peacefully restore our lawful government. So tell us Mike WHAT- EXACTLY- are we waiting FOR?

king krazy said...

Every society comes crashing down at some point. People are just too stupid to learn from history. It's almost our time to fall.

Anonymous said...

When the time comes, we will ALL know it.

ebola131 said...

Too's gone.

If you wish to live in the Founders Republic, you'll have to start your own in a place that respects the Founders Republic.

Anonymous said...

A bit of advice I once read somewhere on the web:

When you think its time, grab your gear and run out into the street. If you're the only one out there then turn around and go back inside. It isn't time yet.

On a more serious note:

Look at recent history and notice that all of these mass uprisings had to achieve some kind of critical mass in public opinion. No one can predict ahead of time what will set the next one off. In Tunisia it was a fruit vendor attacked by police because he didn't have the correct permits. In Turkey is started when the government proposed to redevelop a popular park.

When it's time here in America, you will not need Mike or anyone else to give you the GO signal.
Sit tight. Be ready. Be very wary of anyone who seems overeager to fire the first round.

Anonymous said...

There was a link from that page to this one on Congress' approval rating - the lowest of any organization since Gallup started measuring in 1973:

So I wondered how low it has to go before the trigger event happens. At what point will regular Americans break out of their stupor and "storm the Bastille"? How many more scandals does the administration have to have exposed before we've had enough and do away with not just the executive, but ALL the corrupt members of ALL branches and start over?

When will we know that point - when ALL of the comments on this blog are from "anonymous" because now we KNOW that we're being watched? (Not that it does any good - "they" know who we are by the IP addresses and the backdoor NSAkey in ALL Microsoft operating systems).