Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rarer than gumdrops from a unicorn's ass. Set down your coffee cup, compose yourself and get a grip. NBC finally has to notice the Gunwalker Scandal.

I shit you not.

What the hell, it only took the Obamanoid fellatio artists 9 months.


RJIII said...

Looks like they are still tryin' to buddy up to the Goob's Willy the one-eyed wonder worm though. They still say botched instead of caught.

Bad Cyborg said...

The story was too big, too out in the open to be ignored. They spun it for all it was worth.

I really liked how they said "hundreds" of guns had been allowed to walk. That is technically correct - 3,000 IS 30 hundred after all - it is totally misleading. Sorta like when I went to a rally to protest the way the media was covering Desert Shield in such a way that it emboldened Sadaam. A group of over 100 protesters was described as "a few dozen" while perhaps 30 counter protesters were described as a "large crowd" thus painting an utterly false picture.

MSM are bad as a group but NBC, MSNBC and CNBC are ESPECIALLY bad.

Dennis308 said...

I went to the comments section @ the msnbc site and you'll never guess what I saw.

Most of the commentators actually are aware of the facts concerning the Gun-Walker Scandal.

Mike and David, Job Well done.


TPaine said...

Did I hear that right? Eric Holder had lost confidence in them? I'll break open the Dom PĂ©rignon when I see Holder swinging on the short end of a rope after Obama loses confidence in HIM. I'd go further but the feds are watching me too closely!

Do they still have military firing squads? I'd like to be considered for a slot.

Anonymous said...

No firing squads anymore.Lethal injection is the prescribed method. Isn't a 150 grain through the cranium a lethal injection?Just sayin~~~~~~