Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Video of the Tuscon Town Meeting on Gunwalker.


Fielder George Dowding said...

"Who messed up!" NOT!!!

A clear an deliberate plan to undermine the US Constitution. Shame!

Ashrak said...

I am left to wonder how long, not to mention what it is going to take, before media finally replaces "botched" with "criminal".

You know, for accuracy and truth's sake.........

Anonymous said...

yup, still selling the "botched operation" lie.

When will the media start to speak some truth about this calculated plan to undermine the constitution?


Anonymous said...

How long will it take? That's easy. It will happen just after they mention that treason and felony murder has been committed by employees of the federal government, ordered by politicians.

Exactly never.

They don't believe in consequences for themselves, just for us if we get in the way.

I can smell the sellout from the bottom of my pool.