Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dave Workman: "Grassley says F&F ‘bigger than when we first got into it’"

“It keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.”

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Ashrak said...

Dave's use of "botched" irks me.
I refuse to give them the out and agree totally with Kurt on that point. I am at a loss as to why anyone would offer those criminals the out contrived by using that "botched" description. The only thing botched is the cover up.

Now, once again Chuck says something here that pisses me off to no end. Now that it is bigger and bigger and bigger, we have went from "seeing that it never happens again" to seeing people fired and seeing that it never happens again".

Nope, nothing about justice being served with prosecutions and JAILTIME for the perps of this self evident Scandal of historic proportions. We out here in Citizen land have always seen just how huge this is, and Mr. Pigford, along with the other Mr. Pigford are just now realizing how huge it is? What would it take for these folks to talk about, much less see handed out, real justice? A leap from grenades to nukes? FCOL!

That my friends, just does not pass the smell test. It just doesn't fit.

And as for the Senate not wanting to get into this - well, if every Republican was snapping into every camera and microphone they come within ten feet of daily, Harry Reid and Dick Durbin would have no choice but to relent, and so too would the so called mainstream media.

The fact is that GOPers are making the intentional choice not to do exactly that. The real question that needs answered there is W-H-Y?