Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More reverberations from the Lone Wolf Tapes.

John Hayward writes in Human Events, "Fast and Furious Tapes: Sit Your Ass Down, Charles Grassley."

Katie Pavlich writing at Townhall, Panic Mode: Holder's Name Mentioned in New Fast and Furious Recordings

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TPaine said...

Seems increasingly like Lone Wolf got into this situation to make a nice little bundle under the protection of the ATF. Andrew Howard's approached and told that he can make a bundle selling guns to illegals, and the government will send him the buyers. He can keep all the cash...all he has to do is cooperate with the feds, and he can sell anything he wants to anyone with impunity. All they want is to see American guns in Mexico killing people.

And now that the little game is falling apart, it's time to get together and get the stories straight, since it may end up with everyone residing in the GrayBar Hotel.

And if that is the case, I'm really wondering what part the other dealers played in this game.