Wednesday, September 21, 2011

John Hayward in Human Events: A summation of where the "mainstream media" is, or isn't, on Gunwalker, saying it is "Time to Come Clean."

The media plays along with a massive cover-up.

Just to make sure the heavily-armed cat was kept in the bag, the Administration made sure the U.S. embassy and Mexican ATF office were “also kept in the dark.”

You can see why the Mexican government might be growing a bit crabby about getting shoved into voice mail when they call Washington to ask about a covert U.S. government program that put heavy weapons into the hands of terrorists who want to topple them. A less polite government might use terms like “act of war.”

I’m sure the Mexicans will have their answers, once the full-court media press squeezes some answers about this astonishing scandal out of the Administration. I’m sure that pressure will be coming soon from a media that went berserk and provided wall-to-wall coverage of far less serious matters, like Iran-Contra and Watergate. Instead of cooking up new trillion-dollar tax schemes, President Obama should spend his time answering tough questions about this, and many other, scandals.

As Heritage Foundation communications director Rory Cooper noted via Twitter this morning: “Media hasn’t asked White House about Fast and Furious since JULY 5. Not in one briefing. I have questions, do you?” That was 77 days ago. The L.A. Times and CBS News​ are virtually alone in providing comprehensive mainstream-media coverage of the “Gun Walker” outrage. At what point does the remarkable media ignorance of this historic scandal become impossible to regard as anything less than willing co-operation in the cover-up?

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