Friday, September 30, 2011

Will be at Birmingham AGCA gun show tomorrow (only).

I'm beat. Sorry, no more tonight. Been a helluva week, really. Air conditioner out for two days, bangin' on the desert telegraph and the Georgetown bar and grill tipster line trying to get some more corroboration on the State Department story (and others), back and forth to the docs trying to stay out of another cast, badgering the lawyer to see if we still have to go to court on Monday (we do).

Oi veh. So much trouble on the house and I've been soooo good.

On a happier note, the subscription button has been paying off (how do you think I paid the A/C guys?) and I am obviously blessed with some great readers. May God bless you all.

I'd also like to thank y'all who have sent me cards and good wishes for the Jewish New Year. Same to ya.

Well, gotta crap out now. I'll post some stuff before I go to the AGCA show. Will NOT be there Sunday and actually will probably only make the morning on Saturday.

God bless you all.



Anonymous said...

As my very Republican Dad used to say, "There are more horse's asses in the world than there a horses".

I believe he could have had you in mind, Mike.

DH Pence said...

Boy these lefty anons have a lot of balls (sarcasm intended). Hey nancyboy - man up and use your real name - or are you too busy playing call of duty in your moms basement afraid if she finds out you are trying to hang with real men of character she'll take your internet away?