Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Media Matters continues to waste George Soros' money attacking me.

At least they credit me with breaking the story. The truth is that Roger Ailes is a secret mad-dog militiaman under my psychic control.


Carl-Bear said...

Since you have those awesome, mystical psychic powers, would you have been Bernanke send a couple of hundred million dollars? I'll split it with you, naturally.

bitter clinging Texan said...

First they ignore you, then they laugh, then they attack. Good Job Mr V.
ya know, maybe when I am an old ass man, there will be no more ATF, no more brady campaign, and all americans, from green haired punk rockers in austin, to low rider drivin vatos in phoenix, from bottle blonde surfer babes in san diago, to rodeo boys in Tulsa will all enjoy their second amendment rights as fought for by the original three percent. And I will sit in my rockin chair with a miller high life in my hand, tellin my grandkids "Back in the bad old days, I was internet homies with that crazy ole bama mike V when he got the ball rollin against the gun grabbers by breakin the gunwalker scandal that broke the ATF's back"
then again, maybe not, but we can all dream

USCitizen said...

I think that's the first sound of windmills tipping.

Jim Klein said...

Wasn't it December? News stories, facts, y'know.

I liked that..."two packaged reports by Fox News." Why, what was the article, an off-the-cuff adlib?

"Unapologetic," now if that ain't the cat's meow. I think maybe you understand...that's what makes it good!

Not many people move the world wholesale. Congratulations again, Mike.

Ashrak said...

HA HA, Media Matters dropped the "botched" and superimposed "failed" instead.

Interestingly, they cite ATF denials as if they hold any credibility whatsoever.

Hilarious. MM is foaming at the mouth over this, cuz they know it is only get worse for their boy.

Col Bat Guano said...

Well Mr. Mike, I do believe the left wing of Pat Buchanan's bird of prey find you threatening. However, I'd suggest you start watching your right flank as you will eventually become a problem to the bird's right wing.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Exactly which part of Mike's Media Matters "resume" is a problem?

Reads to me like:
1. Patriot
2. Patriot
3. Patriot
4. Patriot
5. Patriot

Anonymous said...

I thought most of the article was quite flattering. Does that mean MY world view is incorrect? Keeps up the good work!

1NCCCH said...

Golly Mike, I didn't know you had such power! After reading MMFA's laundry list of your "offenses" I have to say: Drive On brother! MMFA, Rachel Madcow, Ed Schultz and others of their ilk are either useful idiots or willful enemies of the state. Just more agitprop from the apparatchik, and proof that they are afraid of "a fat old man with a cane". Cracks me up! Keep up the great work.