Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dave Workman: "Issa calls Fast & Furious ‘dumb, useless and lethal’"

Issa on Napolitano: “She seems to know everything and is running everything until something goes wrong.”


Bad Cyborg said...

The examiner guy who wrote the story clearly isn't any sort of conservative. He pointed the finger at Bush by calling F&F "An off-shoot of the Bush-era Project Gunrunner"

That reference alone makes the man highly suspect in my book. Consider also that while he mentioned what I suspect the majority here believe; i.e. that the operation was mounted to “pad the numbers” of U.S.-origin guns being recovered at Mexican crime scenes to boost the argument for renewal of the ban on so-called “assault weapons", he made darned sure to include the democrat talking point. What the democrats want us to believe is "the administration launched the operation because it could not count on cooperation from the Mexican government in tacking illicit guns up the criminal chain"

It would appear that even the blogosphere is coming to be dominated by leftists.

Jhn1 said...

Issa would be smart to invite the Mexican Justice Department (or equivalent) to a seat behind the table, and time to ask their own questions. Maybe even a press Photo Op to deliver the public release items of what the panel has had released to it (hand trucks of boxes of paper with the top items being the blacked out pages that they apologize to the Mexican Embassy about as that is almost all they got from the DoJ)

Surely the Mexican Government has more, and more current data, on what is known to them.

Also, how about take a couple of the Feds that refuse to testify and extradite them to Mexico?

Certainly the ITAR violation is also an act of war against a "friendly" country? Some Federal judges would extradite to allow the pretext that the Obama administration of the USA was not complicit in those acts of war against the sovereignty of Mexico.