Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Homeland Security recruits jittery coffee drinkers to spot terrorists.

"Big Brother is watching you while you drink your coffee, or at least imploring you to watch others while you drink your coffee."


John Smith. said...

See something strange?? Well get involved... That way if they are criminals and not terrorists they will be freed on bail to visit your family late one night... Work with us at homeland security to make this dream happen to you...

Homeland security where asshats get a job..

Anonymous said...

If I ever walk into a store to buy coffee and it comes with a sleeve like that, I'll be sure and tell the supervisor, not the flukie at the register, because of this big brother crap they are promoting, I will go elsewhere with my money.

Enough already. Is it 1940 Germany yet?

Bob Katt

Mockingbird said...

I drink tea, at home, in the morning.
Note to morons:Free lead upon forced entry.

Anonymous said...

I live in Miami. Averyone here seems to be from someplace else. They all behave like they did back home "in their foreign land". As a result, I see strange things every day. There's no way I'm spending the rest of my life on the phone with DHS.

Anonymous said...

I resemble that remark!

Actually, with a cup of coffee, I am totally focused on the task at hand, and am unlikely to see anything suspicious. B. C. - before coffee - I won't see anything, anyway.

Nice try, Big Brother, or Big Sis. as the case may be. Do your own snooping.