Thursday, September 29, 2011

How they teach tolerance in Iran.

Iranian pastor refuses to renounce Christ, sentenced to death.


greenmeanie said...

Islam, the religion of peace. Yeah, right.

Bad Cyborg said...

Not just Iran but pretty much ALL Muslim countries. The rug huggers could give the leftists lessons in "tolerance".

Bullets not burqhas
Pistols not prayer rugs
Shotguns not Sharia
Death before Dhimmitude!

Conway said...

Ah yes, yet another example of peaceful, tolerant Islam.

I imagine the fan-eared, inept narcissist in the White House, together with his cadre of sycophants, have had little or nothing to say about this incident.

The sooner those Moslem bastards are exterminated from the face of the planet, the better.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Conway on this. This is nothing short of a Holy war. Think of all of them mooslums that are already in this country. I'm of the sort that agrees with our Bad assed Hebrew brethren re: An eye for an eye.
I say, if they kill this man of God (The One and Only God!) that we will give them 100 heads in exchange.

PS. WTF? My word verification was allasqu! alla is truely screwed!

Sean said...

And there are many alleged Christians I personally know, who are willing to tolerate Moslems here, and protest that Islam is a legitimate "religion". Sort of like inviting a serial murderer for dinner, and asking them to stay the night. I have never believed Chrisitanity to be a suicide pact. Apparently, many have been taught to believe like that. They neither know history, or current events, nor want to.