Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Anecdotes of the Good Life in the Philadelphia Victim Disarmament Zone of the People's Democratic Collectivist Paradise.

Chased home: Mob attacks man in his house.


Dedicated_Dad said...

Here, they'd have been met with 20 rounds of 12-gauge goodness!

People ask why anyone would need a 20-round, mag-fed shotgun?



Mark Roote said...

Ant the Philly PD give me crap when I go there openly armed.
I'm sorry, I don't feel much like being beaten with a baseball bat or a pipe today. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be in that kind of mood anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Reader's Digest would love to run a story about how he stood his ground, started some program for troubled youth, etc. so as to save his neighborhood.

The sad reality is that you have to know when to pack it up, and move to somewhere where the rule of law is at least marginally respected. Don't die, or cause to die, in a pointless death.

At least for the sake of his family.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Philly doesn't have "Lord of the Flies" on any of its school reading lists. Otherwise it would be patently clear to all of its residents where the city is headed.

pdxr13 said...

This calls for a combined-response.

Wal-Mart has $180 12-gauge shotguns, but an M-590 with a bayonet and the extended magazine is the one to get. 00 lead in "self-defense" loads, filling the magazine and a stock pouch should be enough (about 16?). Get a concealed carry permit and start carrying all the time, even around the house (the gun is best and most-secure attached to you). Convince wife to do the same.

Believe people when they threaten you. You must.

Find the text of law concerning shooting violent intruders and any cases that set precedent. Read all the comments that the Judges or Appellate Courts added.

Secure the front entry better. It sounds like the frame and/or the door failed with a little kicking. Re-enforce so that it takes 2 huge firemen with pry bars a couple minutes to open the door.

Apply 3M anti-shatter film to any large ground-level windows. This stuff is great! It will stop a brick, but not a bullet, and keep glass from going everywhere (glass broken, but hangs in place). It also makes climbing through a broken window much harder.

Call your insurance agent. Get as much coverage for (arson) "fire" as they will sell. $1000 deductible, and "full replacement" of house and contents. Now would be a good time to get a big life insurance policy for yourself, too.

Look to move somewhere without bad people. It won't be cheaper unless it's very rural. Sorry.

Dave said...


Erik said...

Its a good thing he didn't have a gun, he might have been able to protect himself.

Sean said...

Yes, since the "election" of Obongo, we have certainly come a long way in race relations. Their way.

TPaine said...

Wouldn't have happened in my house. Might have STARTED in my house, but it would have ended really fast. And that black momma would have been back at my door asking my why I gave her sonny boy a dirt nap. Only she'd probably stutter a little while looking at the little red laser dot on her chin.

And I'm thinking of moving from Florida to PA...maybe not!

Ed said...

The attacked homeowner wants more of a police presence in his neighborhood?

Notice that the article does not give the elapsed time when the police first arrived at the scene since the phone call form the attacked man's wife, only that the armed mob dispersed when they heard sirens.

Notice that no mention is made of any other phone call alerting police about an armed mob on the move.

Notice that no mention is made of the quickness of the police response when relatives and friends of those arrested confronted and threatened the attacked man.

Notice that there is no confirmation of the arrest of the woman intimidating a witness.

Obviously the police are not there soon enough to stop the violence.

Obviously the attacked man does not realize that he is the one primarily responsible for the safety of his family. The local government has failed in this regard and continues to fail. Why doe he expect this to change?

"Hope and Change"?

Do you need more information to draw a reasonable conclusion?