Thursday, September 22, 2011

Attention Marines in the Central Alabama area.

Just received this email message forwarded by a good friend:

We have a Marine, Nam vet, who lives in Jemison and has essentially been sent home to die, cancer victim. This proud veteran has asked for visits from Marine veterans before he passes.

Can we get a group visit coordinated to go visit this veteran and grant his wish???

Please contact all Marine veterans that you know in the Post or District and lets get a visit set up to go visiting. Let me know how many we have and it is now scheduled for Wednesday evening, 9/28 at 7 PM.

How Semper Fi proud are you...answer this call!!!! Time is short - let's get it done ASAP...

Steve McAnally
The American Legion
Department of Alabama
Second Division Commander
205-755-5886 Home