Saturday, September 24, 2011

A message from Sipsey Street Irregulars to the Gun Rights Policy Conference.

"Nothing concentrates the mind so wonderfully as the prospect of being hung in morning." -- Benjamin Franklin.

A message from Sipsey Street Irregulars to the Gun Rights Policy Conference:

If you don't want a second term of murderous, Constitution-subverting gunwalking, open a second front.

The next hearing of the Issa committee on the Gunwalker Scandal will begin sometime early in October. We are promised one more after that before the end of the year. The format of previous hearings, although understandable, is unwieldy and too truncated for in depth truth-getting from a particular witness.

The modified limited hangout release by the White House of selected emails between "Gunwalker Bill" Newell and NSC staffer Kevin O'Reilly and then the admission that O'Reilly's boss Dan Restrepo was briefed on Fast and Furious (all the while denying that the anybody in the White House knew anything about gunwalking), demonstrates their abject fear that this scandal will, at least, destroy the chances of a second term.

Understand, the "unidentified" White House senior staffer quoted in the various stories could not have opened his mouth without the personal approval of Obama. He is now getting regular updates on what might be truthfully, if uncharitably, described as his administration's cover-up of the Gunwalker Plot. Indeed, sources say that there are now daily damage control meetings being held in the White House.

There will be no more unscripted press moments from Obama such as the one on Univision earlier this year. The attack on Issa by the New York Times, as oafish and clumsy as it was, suggests that these people are now getting advice from the Clintonistas -- and probably Hillary herself -- on how to handle a cover-up -- by attacking the trurh seekers.

The selective release of the emails proves that the Obamanoids are now in full damage control mode, for as Ben Franklin quoted Samuel Johnson, "Nothing concentrates the mind so wonderfully as the prospect of being hung in morning."

That same sentiment can work for the investigation into the truth of the matter, for once some of these malefactors are put on the Congressional hot seat under oath they will more reason to come clean. Let's face it, not enough questions are being asked of too few people who were at the genesis of this scandal, and if that pace continues some of the malefactors will die of old age before they face justice.

So, it is time to open a second front, or even a third front, in the search for truth in the Gunwalker Plot. As before, since the beginning, this will have to be from the bottom up.

Here's our first suggestion. Let's get the House Foreign Affairs Committee working on the foreign policy implications of the Obama administration violating ITAR, facilitating the smuggling of weapons and committing numerous acts of war against a sovereign country and its people. There are several GOP members on this committee who are already on record about this scandal. Let's make them put their money where their mouths are. They have the power to call department heads such as Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano and others who can speak to who was the "guiding hand" behind this multi-agency operation and scandal.

Here's our second suggestion: Lamar Smith. From Texas, Smith is not only the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee but he sits on the House Homeland Security Committee. Both of these committees have the jurisdiction and the authority to pursue other avenues of this scandal which can complement, not conflict with, the Issa committee. We have been told off the record that the Issa committee has to focus their inquiry and not get involved in what are, to them and their brief, secondary issues. Fine. Lamar Smith, on the other hand, can find several other committee venues and many more resources to pursue the truth. The FBI, for example, apparently "disappeared the "third gun" at the Terry murder scene, manipulated the NICS system in favor of felon straw buyers and even let three suspects caught at the Terry shootout go walking themselves -- back to Mexico. Any of these acts in furtherance of the cover-up of the felony murder of a federal agent is itself a felony. Does this not cry out for a House Judiciary Committee hearing with Robert Mueller and his FBI minions on the under-oath hot seat? Lamar Smith can make that happen.

Here's our third suggestion. The Issa hearings will be over in a couple of months. Issa himself says he is almost ready for a special prosecutor in this case. But there are special prosecutors and then there are special prosecutors. Who should appoint one? Eric Holder so that his hand-picked flunky can operate out of DOJ? We have already seen how compromised the Office of Inspector General's office has been in their forwarding of the Lone Wolf audiotapes directly to the agent who is on them -- Hope McAllister -- supposedly without the DOJ attorney running the OIG's office even listening to them. There is, however, precedent for setting up an independent House-centered investigation out of the Sergeant-at-Arms office with full arrest powers within the District of Columbia. We would like to see some discussion at this Conference on just how we can best obtain an aggressive special prosecutor to go after the Gunwalker conspirators who now run the Justice Department, FBI, ATF and other agencies.

If the GOP is sincere about getting to the bottom of this, they will use ALL their considerable resources in the House to do so. If gun rights advocacy groups such as the NRA are serious about Gunwlaker, then let them put there money, time and effort where their mouths are: demand a second front in the congressional drive to find the truth.

It is time to crank up the emails, phones and faxes again, folks.

Demand a second -- or third, or fourth -- front in the Gunwalker Plot investigations.

This scandal coverage has been driven from the bottom up, from the very beginning. No one thought we'd get "mainstream" news coverage, but we did. No one thought we'd get the GOP seriously involved in finding out the truth, but we did. No one thought we'd ever get hearings, but we did. You did that -- by demanding it.

You did it before, you can do it again.

Let's finish these criminal bastards' cover-up, once and for all.

Demand a second front in the Gunwalker Scandal investigation.

Sipsey Street Irregulars


Anonymous said...

Excellent post - I would suggest one other point: challenge ALL CONgress members to take a stance one way or the other - either for or against a FULL CONgressional investigation of F&F - as well as Calypso and Indiana. Put them on record as either supporting (or not) the rule of law for all persons and agencies, regardless of who they may be.
That way we will have all of them on record and will know for a fact who the real representatives of the people they serve are.

Anonymous said...

The best part of this is that if you don't investigate, you are an accomplice in the criminal act. There is more than enough information brought forth that a crime or crimes have been committed, so the proper congressional people have to step up and do their job. If they fail to do what is now obvious, the complete faith in the government to honestly perform is seriously jeopardized.