Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today was a big day for letters: Grassley-Issa letter to IG suggests obstruction

From Dave Workman.

Will post link to letter tomorrow when I have it. I'm beat.

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Ashrak said...

Well, there is that "botched" factor again. WTF? Please, Mr. Workman, please don't offer that "out", that "empty suit excuse" to government or media even one more time. Please.

I submit that Issa and Grassley either ARE fools and are becoming angry because that is showing, OR they aren't fools but are definitely being made to look like fools.
(Could it be that maybe there is no black and white there but that the reality is a mix of both?)

If the Second Amendment was being observed, respected, protected and defended, NONE of this scandal would have been possible.

Absent the infringement known as FFL permission slips, absent infringement known as NICS, absent private property and private contracting rights being usurped, absent the ability of executive departments, agencies and bureaus to ignore, bypass and otherwise eliminate multiple enumerated rights with impunity,........

GunWalker could not have been possible. Government would not have been able to create and execute any of this Scandalous and treasonous activity had it been held behind the line of Individual Liberty instead of being able to use those tools of infringement against its own Citizens up to and through at least one Citizen in service, named Brian Terry, being made into an omelete.

The GunWalker Scandal demonstrates unarguably that government infringement upon Individual Liberty is the problem and common sense tells us that more of what causes the problem cannot be the solution to it.

My advice to Chairman Issa -
If September 26th comes and goes without you gaining EVERYTHING you have demanded, then it is time for a Sense of the House Resolution to be introduced and brought to a vote saying quite clearly and directly that the House itself has decided that obstruction into its rightful duties has been and is currently being willfully and intentionally obstructed by the Executive branch of government - with its Commander in Chief being Chiefly and directly responsible for it.

John Boehner, The only thing TRULY stopping GunWalker from being blown wide open, especially regarding the Barry led and media supported cover up of it, is YOU and your refusal to do your job.

When the "pull the troops out of Iraq NOW!" media hyped leftist meme was in full bore, Duncan Hunter, along with the rest of the House, blew it out of the water with nothing more than a Sense of the House Resolution and the forcing of the House Membership to take a direct and accountable vote on it. Just a few straightforward sentences is all it too, oh, and the courage to ACTUALLY put it to a vote.

John Boehner HAS that authority right this minute. And all he is "allowing" is some strongly worded letters that match the United Nations path. Gee, maybe John needs to ask the U.N. for permission like Barry does.........

GunWalker is a deadly and treasonous Scandal not political fodder campaign commercials.