Sunday, September 25, 2011

What a day. JPFO awards David and me "The David and Goliath Award." And the Gunwalker tips just keep rolling in.

For David and me, it felt a little like the Blues Brothers. It was Chicago, most everybody in authority was looking to get us if they could, and we were on a mission from God. The biggest difference was that only David was wearing a suit. That, and the fact that he looks nothing like Elwood.

Looking back a few years from now, I'll probably remember yesterday as one of the most whirlwind days I've had in the Gunwalker Scandal. Because of a mix-up in arrangements for the plane ticket, I didn't fly out of Birmingham until after 5:00 PM, Friday, but still managed to make it (late) to the reception after a death march through O'Hare to recover my one bag (that did my newly cast-free foot no good), and then a wild ride through traffic to the hotel with a monetarily-incentivized cab driver from Iran. Linked up with Larry Pratt, David Codrea and, a new addition to our merry band, "Tex" Fuller, a documentary maker of great skill and long experience who has just received a big chunk of change from an anonymous donor to begin a documentary on Gunwalker -- a wonderful turn of events due in no small measure to Larry Pratt's considerable efforts. Larry, as readers will know, was an early member of the Coalition of Willing Lilliputians and made great efforts to help us get Congressional attention and whistleblower status for the agents early on.

(Have I mentioned before that y'all ought to join Gun Owners of America?)

Anyway, after introductions and "talking a little treason" to the federal leviathan with friends old and new, I finally collapsed into an over-stuffed chair in Larry Pratt's hotel room that looked far more comfortable than it actually was and, after working on stuff on the laptop for the next day's conference, finally got about two hours sleep.

The SAF conference was amazing, mostly for the huge gathering of Second Amendment activists, attorneys, etc., from all over the country -- men and women who individually and collectively represent a clear and present danger to the fortunes of the gun-grabbers in this country. I met a lot of folks that I had long heard of, but never before got a chance to shake hands with. It was all in all rather humbling.

David Codrea received an award from SAF, and, at a reception later that evening, we both received one from JPFO. I'm looking at it now --The JPFO David and Goliath Award "for intrepid investigative journalism that exposed a major national scandal." When I get a chance, I'll scan it and post it here. However, readers are cautioned to hold all applause until the end of the scandal. I'm afraid I teared up a bit, thinking how Aaron Zelman would have been dancing a hora at the opportunities that the Gunwalker Scandal has given us to truly attack the whole legitimacy of overweening federal power.

Lord, I miss Aaron. He was one righteous man.

I'm afraid I didn't give the conference all the attention that it deserved because I was constantly called out of it to talk to sources -- by phone and in person -- and make arrangements with allies for common action on different fronts. David and Dave Workman got to present a panel on Gunwalker and did well.

But it was the sources, and the stories and new revelations that they brought me, that occupied most of my time. Folks, this is going to be a big week for the David & Mike "exclusives" starting tomorrow. That's all I can tell you at the moment. "Film at eleven," as they say.

Well, I've got to get ready for today's morning session, but I'll be cutting it short and flying out of the Kingdom of Rahmutopia (formerly known as Daleyville, Inc.). I have a four hour layover in Indianapolis, and although I'm fond of most Hoosiers, it will be an interminable wait. I'll be writing our exclusive for Monday though, so I won't waste the time. I'll be back in Birmingham by 9 o'clock or so tonight.

When I lay down in my own bed tonight, hopefully I will have done as much damage to the future prospects of the Gunwalker conspirators as I possibly could.

Before I close, I'd like to humbly thank all those who used that button on the upper right to send me the voluntary subscriptions that helped finance this trip. I know that I have spent your resources well on this mission.

As time goes by, you'll all find out how well.


Anonymous said...

Does that make you Goliath?


Travis McGee said...

God bless you for taking the fight to the evil doers, even carrying on through your pain to do so.

That makes you a real trooper in my book, and we'll never forget it.

Mt Top Patriot said...

Thank You.
God Bless you Mr. Mike!

Doug Ross quoted you today, has a couple of links to your investigative pieces on Gunwalker.
Right on. Three percent!:

QOTD: "This scandal coverage has been driven from the bottom up, from the very beginning. No one thought we'd get "mainstream" news coverage, but we did. No one thought we'd get the GOP seriously involved in finding out the truth, but we did. No one thought we'd ever get hearings, but we did. You did that -- by demanding it.

You did it before, you can do it again.

Let's finish these criminal bastards' cover-up, once and for all.

Demand a second front in the Gunwalker Scandal investigation." --Sipsey Street Irregulars


Dedicated_Dad said...

Damn fine work, Mr. VDB. DAMN fine!

That said, I wish I was within backhanding distance so I could (deleted)-slap you for being STUPID enough to WALK through the airport!

Come on, Mike!?!!

There isn't an airport in the country that doesn't have people on staff who are *PAID* to push wheelchairs for people like you (and, FTR, *ME*).


Often, they also have electric carts with drivers as well! I recommend the cart-ride if you can get it...

Basically, when you check in, you request the ride. If using a kiosk, you answer "yes" to the "do you require handicap-assistance" question.

If your stupid pride won't let you sit while someone else pushes, you can always commandeer the chair and push YOURSELF - which is slower and tiring but nowhere near as bad for the *FOOT*!!

Do you WANT to end up with only one foot?


Seriously, Mike -- I care, and I'm only beating you up because I care about you!

Anonymous said...

Where did the exclusive disappear to ?

Skip said...

Chucked a coupla bucks in the tip jar.
Bless ya son, fight the fight.