Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reaction to the Newell Letter "correcting" his testimony.

Just Gunwalker Bill, lyin' like a sack of shit again.

When I posted the link to this letter of "Gunwalker Bill" Newell's late last night, I did not have time to comment or to solicit the comments of others I trust. Below are some of those reactions.

From a long-time observer of federal doings:

It comes across, for one, as having tossed the dice at the hearing; the winds afterwards not blowing favorable; and doing some backtracking. The impression left is that Newell knew he was being unsatisfactory to begin with.

But what's fatal is some of the other language. Specifically, the disrespectful language that Newell uses in characterizing the hearing itself. My take on that is that (1) the letter was written all or in part by Department of Justice attorneys, and (2) the disrespectful language was DELIBERATE, and intended to show disrespect to the Committee. One might say "nobody is that stupid," but the testimony of Roland Weich was combative, disrespectful and arrogant; and Weich is supposed to be the "public face" of the Department of Justice to the Committee, and represent the attitude of the Department of Justice. That attitude was not one of respect.

In my view, the letter destroys Newell.

From a thoughtful, long-serving ATF employee:

I think Mr. Newell is trying to mitigate his position in order to help his situation when he gets indicted.

His attorney, who tried to pressure acting Attache Canino to minimize his testimony against Newell during the Congressional Hearings, is now trying to mitigate after the fact.

The rest is just "woe is me" nonsense. He does not worry much about the family of Brian Terry does he? Nor does he worry about the fate of his subordinates. He throws everyone under the bus except himself. Signs of a real leader isn't it?

I learned a long time ago in the military from some smart old soldiers, "you cant go wrong by always taking care of your troops!" Newel never served of course.

Newell says in his letter that Darren Gil and Carlos Canino were being briefed weekly in reports, and that much is true. However, sources say that those are the reports that the Mexico City ATF analysts who reported to Gil used to notify him (in addition to Newell's own reports) of the increased seizures. However, sources say, none of those reports noted that firearms were knowingly and willingly being walked into Mexico. None. Newell's attorney (who surely wrote this reply) failed to note THAT small issue in his reply.

The sources say that the ATF in Mexico City knew there was an investigation (by whatever name) was going on where too many firearms were being traced backed to. This is why Gil and others raised their voices.

Said one, "Newell's attorney gives a little truth, but only where it helps his client. He fails to note that aspect in the reply. This was all noted in the hearings."

Some of the street agents over at put it a little harsher. Said one: Webmaster and moderators, I am going to ask that you tolerate this post even if you feel it is too strongly worded. That is how passionate I am about what I am about to write and I really can't take the edge off this.

Who saw Bill Newell's written statment to Congress today? If you have not then here it is attached below. Be prepared to vomit.

Bill Newell you are a lying coward. This letter was written not to clarify anything you lied about but to attempt to avoid an indictment. You repeated your lame justifications and made excuses, the same thing you have done since the day you set foot in ATF. You lied to Congress and you are trying to cover your lies by calling the Whistleblowers, Gil and Canino liars. You are a 100% chickenshit.

You are a whiny little bitch to actually compose a letter to Congress after you lied to their faces and blame your lies the the "pressure" you feel and that this is "unlike anything you have ever experienced". You are pathetic to say that this experience has taken a toll on your health and family.

What about the toll on Brian Terry's family? What about the toll's on the hundreds of dead Mexican citizens and their families? All you ever have or ever will care about is you. You are one self-centered m_ _ _ _ _ rf _ _ _ _ r.

Here is where I am going to get off and probably be deleted. My friend is Jay Dobyns. Newell you are quite possibly the biggest hypocritical pussy ever in ATF to make the statements that you made in your letter knowing what you did to him and his family. You helped your boys Gillett and Higman go above and beyond to try and frame him as an arsonsist and attempted murder. You turned your back just like you did in Fast and Furious. I don't have the vocabulary to state what a double-standard POS you are. You think Dobyns felt pressure living under the allegation that he tried to murder his family for the last three years? How about the toll on his family have to hear that their husband and father intended to burn their house down on them and murder them? Then you lied under oath in that case too.

Don't bother to apologize. Whatever it is that happens to you, it is not evil enough to balance what you have done. Rot in hell.


Brock Townsend said...

Wow! The last one says it all. Posted.

Mark Matis said...

I would ask yet again "Where is "Law Enforcement?", beyond those few lonely voices from BATFE? AT LEAST two of their own have been murdered in cold blood as a result of this operation. If those murders were the result of actions by Mere Citizens, what do you think they would be doing?

Yet all I hear is crickets. The stench is overwhelming.

rdf67 said...

My tweets to Darrell Issa regarding Newell:
@DarrellIssa Two problems with Newell new story - Nr 1 - The guns bought that showed up at Terry's murder purchased by Avila; he had a pass [given to him by Newell on other purchases - why should the gun dealer give immediate notice when you turned your back on his purchases?]

The Newell new story - Nr 2 - Two felons made multiple purchases of over 360 guns "for personal purposes" -Assessment answer? [Why bother to assess when you are letting felons buy repeatedly when you know the purchases are not for personal use]

I agree that he is a POS and should be indicted before his lawyer draws up another beauty. His failure to own up to his mistakes is what makes this whole scandal so juicy - they are all digging themselves into a grave.

ShortTimer said...

OT: Rumor that ATF is to be abolished, throwing the entire agency under the bus as damage control - maybe in concert with the buyouts reported here on Sipsey a couple days back. Katie Pavlich talked about it on Cam & Company 9/21. Transcript and links to audio here:

Longbow said...

What strikes me so clearly is that this is nothing new for ATF. That agency has had a culture of lying and back-stabbing and cover-ups since it was founded. The agency's primary purpose is to enforce unconstitutional laws.

Is it truly a surprise, then, when you clearly see the types of people who DESIRE to work for (and lead) such an agency?

Anonymous said...

"Rumor that ATF is to be abolished, throwing the entire agency under the bus as damage control - maybe in concert with the buyouts reported here on Sipsey a couple days back."

This was reportedly discussed by the Clinton administration after ATF's "performance", if you can call it that, at Waco. The problem then is still the problem now. Many if not most ATF personel are career federal employees with civil service protection. The FBI sees them as a bunch of undisciplined trigger-happy SEAL wannabee's and wants no part of them.

So..... Closing down ATF would be the easy part. What to do with the ATF employees who aren't elegible for a buyout or refuse to take one? Not so much.

ChikaTayo said...

The only thing that the public dislikes more than being lied to is being treated as if they are stupid.

Newell insults us on both fronts.

Longbow said...

(What to do with the ATF employees who aren't elegible for a buyout or refuse to take one?)

Send them to work at the US Postal Service!

Just sayin'...