Monday, September 19, 2011

Lyndon Baines Obama?

Why Obama should withdraw.


Anonymous said...

Dear Leader will never withdraw. He's far too narcissistic.

Bad Cyborg said...

DAYM! Chi-Town rag saying the Kenyan ought not to run? Whooda thunk?

I'm with Anon @09:59. His Most August and Holy Majesty is entirely too narcissistic to withdraw. Plus, he can't be President for Life if he no longer is president.

Anybody know how many places where the votes will be counted next fall AREN'T bought and paid-for by the Dems?

oldsmobile98 said...

I hope Obama will run. If he withdraws, the Democratic nominee will be Hillary Clinton, I expect.

There is just enough public dissatisfaction with Obama to cause independents/moderates to examine other options, like the one man in the presidential race that's proven his dedication to the Constitution and to the policy of non-intervention (cf. George Washington's Farewell Address).

Anonymous said...

No I want him to run again and on his Marxist record!

This was never about race.

It's always been about the constitution, bill of rights, freedom and common sense.

They've made it about race in order to support their tyranny and treason which, it seems, is color blind.

Ernest said...

I can't hardly see any way out of the mess we're in. Even if Obama fails, it'll take 300 years to undo the damage he's done. And how do we carve out his ideology that still exists in the hearts of his followers?

J. Travis said...

I doubt if the economy will look better by primary season.

Il Douche IS too narcissistic to withdraw, and NOBODY (including PIAPS Hillary) is going to dare alienating the black voting bloc by challenging him.

The big question is does Soros profit more from Barry being humiliatingly defeated, next November.... or taking a walk in Ft Marcy Park by March?

We're already seeing reports on how "depressed" he is....

Anonymous said...

If the Teleprompter Reader in charge decides to NOT run for re-election, does he get to keep all the money he has gotten for his re-election (something like One Billion dollars). Reason enough to not run if he can pocket all that loot.

Anonymous said...

Soros and friends will profit from the market volatility they helped to create. Bye low, sell high.

Wonder how much he's made so far? Should be a spike after he vacates and that will be your opportunity to sell.

Don't wait too long if you have anything left in the market.