Monday, September 19, 2011

Note to all Chicago Area Tri-State Threepers.

"Well, it's a nice, soft night. So, I think I'll join my comrades, and talk a little treason."

I will be behind enemy lines this weekend attending the Gun Rights Policy Conference and doing my best to get folks to quit issuing press releases about the Gunwalker scandal and persuade them to actually DO something about it.

I will, while there, have some times to get together and, as the line in The Quiet Man says, "talk a little treason" to the federal leviathan. If you want to join me, drop me an email at


Knitebane said...

+1 for The Quiet Man reference.

I've often used that quote for referring to my weekly shooting appointment.

Ashrak said...

Have fun talking to the "leaders" of gun rights advocacy in Illinois as they do their best to convince you of the merits of imposing fee and qualifications testing for state police issued permission slips so that you may exercise your inalienable right to bear arms.

Tell Todd V., the NRA's lobbyist here in Illinois and number one proponent of eliminating the "perfect test case" that is Illinois 100% prohibition on cartying (and self admitted Mark Kirk Voter to boot), that Ash said "hello".

Watch for flying debris though, he don't like the 3%er in me too much, ya know? ;)

Good luck to you, Mike, cuz saying yer going behind enemy lines is the understatement of the century.

Bad Cyborg said...

You be careful up there in "injun country" Dutchman. They's folks up thataway that wouldn't be a bit sad if you disappeared.

Anonymous said...

Sic em.........!
Johnny Gee

Whizbanger said...

tried to e-mail but my electrons didn't like yours! But I will be there in Chicago and I will make it a point to meet you!!
I am really hoping there will be protesters!

M. Simon said...

Gun rights? Of course.

But not a single mention of root causes.

Drug Prohibition.

There would be no Drug Cartels if there was no Drug Prohibition.

And it is not just here. It is almost every pro-2nd site except JPFO.

I keep hearing every other right we have is protected by the 2nd. You will excuse me but I ain't seeing it. When will you stand with the right to smoke what ever weed you damn well please?

Crocodile tears for Agent Terry. Not a single damn word about Drug Prohibition killing him. It is a disgrace.

Ashrak said...

Whizbanger, I experienced a similar "electron" problem in sending a mail to Mike also.

A Reader said...

M Simon - Drug Prohibition isn't a root cause of Gun Control. The root cause of these two problems is another level down. Said root cause is the impulse by many in government (and those who put them there) to favor and then make laws meant to protect people from themselves. It's self-righteous, autocratic meddling. Granted, the gangland violence of the 1920s (which was brought on by Prohibition) probably contributed greatly to the NFA of 1934, but that doesn't mean the one kind of Prohibition caused the other. The folks who passed the NFA of 1934 and the GCA of 1968 would probably have gone for them even if Prohibition had never happened.

Those of us decrying and attempting to roll back various impositions on individual liberty - police misconduct, the behavior of the TSA, the gun control regime - have different priorities, but that doesn't mean we disagree on principle. There are only so many hours in the day. We must all pick our battles - and even the battles within those battles.

Allow me to turn the tables: When was the last time a contingent of drug legalization folks turned up at 2d Amendment or RTC rally?