Friday, September 23, 2011

So far, GOP candidates are silent on Gunwalker.

What are they waiting for, Christmas?


Ashrak said...

Not Christmas, they are waiting for that thing called the general election.

Talking about GunWalker would mean talking about gun rights. Establishment Republicans like to run away from that conversation and so too do ALL media outlets.

Brett Baer is often out on his own asking tougher questions than most, but even when he has the mic, candidates were not even asked about it. They will not talk about it themselves and if not asked, we will hear nothing about it in any debate, just like we went through an entire presidential election cycle in 2008 and the topic was ignored altogether.

I believe GunWalker is being saved as a October Surprise (for NEXT year). The Republican Party shames itself in taking that course. They are putting politics ahead of justice, party in front of country and power in front of proper.

Right now, they like Barry occupying the Oval Office because the party bosses know he doesn't stand the slightest chance of reelection. They want him right where he is until next year - so they can "win". And they ignore the damage he is doing and will do until that time.

In that respect, the Establishment Republicans are themselves guilty of taking the position that some eggs gotta be cracked to make some omelets.

Disgusting, huh?
Worthless too.

Anonymous said...

Did you forget about this already?

Anonymous said...

Late getting here to read but in case this was missed: