Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Senator Patrick Leahy as Eric Holder's punkass flunky boy. Selling your soul to the Devil.

Senator Patrick Leahy, Eric Holder's punkass flunky boy running cover-up duty on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Congressman Darrell Issa: That's fine. But I'm investigating the Justice Department who put twenty five hundred deadly weapons in the hands of Mexican cartels and the Justice Department is turning their nose up and going "we're not really going to deliver you on subpoenas." So, when the Justice Department wants to do something, let them do it. When they don't want to do something, like not even prosecute for related murder the people who trafficked these guns to the Mexican cartels that led to Brian Terry being gunned down in Arizona, then that's where our priority has to be. My job is to prioritize. This is perfectly good to monitor and see what happens. I intend to, but I'm not going to go off simply bashing FOX or CNBC or MSNBC or CSPAN because some left-wing blog wants us to. This is the most important issue that comes before us, is are we doing what we need to do to to ensure the protection of the First Amendment. The answer is we're watching the Justice Department to make sure they do a full investigation, at the same time I want to make sure that what the Justice Department did wrong that led to the death of a Border Patrol agent is properly investigated. I want to see that when the President and his cronies are picking winners and losers in the private market, in this case, in the solar panel matter, that it wasn't because there were large contributions given to them. And this isn't partisan. Every chairman has to make this decision. Over in the Senate, they've made the decision to investigate one thing. Senator Leahy has completely ignored -- completely -- and he's a friend of mine -- but he's completely ignored Brian Terry's death. He's let Senator Grassley twist in the wind without any cooperation. Our committee has been taking on what the Senate won't take on. (Emphasis supplied, MBV.)

Host: You're referring to the Fast and Furious program.

Issa: We're referring to Fast and Furious which they want to say is not a program, its just an operation, even though it led to twenty five hundred deadly weapons in the hands of the drug cartels. -- Darrell Issa on C-SPAN.

From the Lone Wolf Tapes:

Agent: I mean at some point they're gonna say have to say Grassley you're just gonna have to sit your a-- down. I mean that or they're gonna have to (unintell). I mean like I said my understanding is he can't call a hearing. Somebody from the majority party has got to call a congressional hearing and as of right now...

Dealer: Patrick Leahy's an asshole, you know that. He gets ahold of something he's like a dog with a bone.

Agent: As of right now we don't have any info that's occurred. So...

Dealer: No, not now, but

Agent: I know there was a presentation given to Judiciary committee and everybody aside from Grassley is is satisfied. At least at this point.

Back in June I wrote on the subject of Batman and The Grateful Dead: The Melson Deal, Patrick Leahy & the motives behind the scenes.

Among other things, I wrote this:

First and foremost, remember that Leahy is an Obama kool-aid drinker, having braved the wrath of Hillary Clinton to endorse Obama early on in the Democrat presidential primary process.

Remember too that Leahy has been around Mordor on the Potomac for a looong time, and understands every dirty nuance of how the real game is played. For example, while he was Vice-Chairman of the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in 1987, Leahy showed an unclassified draft report on the Iran-Contra affair to a news reporter -- and got caught. At a press conference, Leahy stated, "Even though it was declassified, I was way too careless about it," and accepted blame. As Wikipedia reports, "Disclosure of that information was against the Intelligence Committee rules, and Leahy said he hastened his already planned departure from the committee because he was so angry at himself. . ."

Right. In other words, it was important to the Democrats that the information be leaked, so he leaked it and was willing to fall on that sword in the interests of his party.

So he's canny AND tough. This is also worth remembering. Not that he's not a diligent practitioner of hypocrisy too.

The interesting thing to me is how ATF Agent Hope McAllister is so well informed about Senator Patrick Leahy as Eric Holder's punkass flunky boy on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

One wonders what the good senator from Vermont thinks when he reads these transcripts. He probably just grits his teeth and counts it as one more inevitable thing that happens when you sell your soul the Devil.

LATER: Kurt Hofmann has some more analysis in a similar vein here: 'Gunwalker' conspirators right to fear Grassley and Issa; Leahy, not so much.


Toaster 802 said...

Here is a few past posts inspired by Sipsey Street.

Leahy HATES the sight of the Gadsden flag. It is like holy water and a Cross to a vampire.

As a statist hump, there is but one way to compare Leahy and his ilk, and that is to a blood sucking creature. Or pond scum.

Tom O'Folliard: What's scum?
William H. Bonney: Well Tom, that's bad types. Politicians, bankers, cattle-kings... Scum...

-Young Guns.

Everyone who wonders why Vermont sends the likes of Pat and Bernie to Washington needs to behold the machine that sends them there. Truly Boss Tweed has nothing on these "People". There are plenty of good folks up here that put up a good fight. But the out of state Flatlander and union goon money from Cali, Texas and Florida steamroll us every time.

This is the man that is being groomed to replace him. Ask him about his Kurdish oil kickbacks.

Dawino6260 said...

Just a thought -- he could be doing this one for one of the dems who want Obama out... just a thought

Anonymous said...

Leahy, is known by the intelligence community provided nickname of "leaky Leahy" because some how or other sensative national security matters which his office was provided access to, very often became public knowledge after being shared with his office. All of it benefited our enemies. If you look deeply into his eyes I'm advised that you can actually see the little sparkling hammers and sickles in there. Based upon my own experience, that sparkel is more like a bright red glow.

Whatever is he is, he is part of the leadership creating of our current problems and invariably supports every action which harms out country and helps our enemies.