Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vince Cefalu on DemocracyNow!


Anonymous said...

At around the 21 minute mark he clearly states that there was never any attempt by ATF to truly track the guns, especially given the fact that they were not informing the ATF counterparts in Mexico!

So why does everyone continue to call this a "failed scheme" and say that "mistakes were made"?

The fucking plan from the get go was to let these guns walk so that the administration could claim there was a "river of iron" flowing from U.S. gun shops into Mexico.

No "mistake"! No failure! Everything was working according to plan....guns were allowed to go to Mexico, people died from the use of those guns and here we are today.

Let's stop calling it a failed program or a mistake. It was, in fact, a conspiracy to undermine the Constitution and further restrict the rights of the American people.


Sean D Sorrentino said...

I guess I shouldn't expect anything better from SocialismNow, but she is a horrific interviewer. She didn't do any prep for the interview. She let Vince ramble on and didn't keep him focused. She couldn't keep him focused because she didn't know enough about the situation to ask intelligent questions.

I'm glad that the pinkos at SocialismNow care, but maybe they would be better off if they had an F'n clue!

Anonymous said...

It's not about what they actually did, or what their actual motives were. It is about how and what information, is presented to the public.

Their goal is to control perceptions and thereby opinions, to prevent the population from actually understanding what is going on.

If you understand these "incidents" from an accumulated and objective point of view, you can only view it from one perspective, as an organized plot. Of course don't tell anybody because you will be labeled a "kook" for using your brain and applying logic and critical thinking skills.

OK. I'm a kook then but I will tell you that this is happening and these S&DOBs are real and so is the organized plan that they are following. I've looked for other explanations and there are none.

LDS said...

Holder and Obama at the very least lied to Congress, no little transgression. They also have Border Agent Terry's and ICE Agent Zapata's blood on their hands. This was an ill-intended scheme to further Obama's determination to eliminate the Second Amendment by Legislative warfare at the expense of other mothers' sons and daughters lives, the well being of ATF agents, legitimate Gun Dealers, and law abiding citizens. TREASONOUS at best. HANG EM HIGH