Tuesday, August 30, 2011

FOX News on The Night of the Short Knives.


TPaine said...

Issa better not stop here. These bozos were "thrown under the bus" to stop the investigation, and it had better not work.

Anonymous said...

I live in Arlington County.I had never heard of Melson until you broke Gunwalker.McNulty sounds familiar.I believe he served in the Arlington County prosecutors office under Heny Hudson.Yep,that Judge Hudson.

Anonymous said...

I agree with TPaine!
This is far from acceptable.

...and isn't it pathetic that when these little career bureaucrats feel come under fire, they "feel sick"?

This is the character of the underlings of the hard core enemies of freedom. They will fall apart when things turn ugly. They lack the spine to carry the weight of their masters when things get rough.


Anonymous said...

Issa on fox on the record. Sounds like he's folding on us.

Anonymous said...

Confederate Yankee Bob Owens on Jones:

"Jones was appointed to chair the Attorney General's Advisory Committee back in August of 2009, and was briefed in Gunwalker.

According to Senator Charles Grassley's June 15, 2011 congressional testimony attachment 4, the chair of AGAC (Jones) was a member of the Southwest Border Strategy Group and attended at least one briefing on Fast and Furious in October 2009.

He appears to be complicit in the coverup, just like Melson."

Another conspirator in action...


Anonymous said...

At long last the NYTIMES covers Fast and Furious.


MikeH. said...

The "bozos" were thrown under a hovering hot air balloon while they should be tried, convicted and thrown in (or under) prison with a sentence of life without parole.

Kudos to Mike for his long and tireless efforts to keep this story right out there in the tyrant's faces.