Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The NRA made them do it.

The latest and most disgusting of the exculpatory defenses of Obama's Gunwalker Plot.


Cederq said...

Hmm, Mike, a plant story on how to feel for the poor understaffed and overpaid imbeciles at the concrete sewer hole of the universe. I almost feel sorry for newell, well, maybe not. I hope that reporter stops drinking the kool aid being first flushed through Tijuana sewers and get a real perspective. I know that is too much to ask for.

SD Bob

rdf67 said...

This is the most specious article written by the DOJ yet - Issa "dragged ATF agents over the coals" - guess he does not realize the purpose of a whistleblower. Dubbed useless, I guess he buys the "goal" and "intention" theories laid by DOJ that this is merely a "botched" ATF "sting gone wrong". He pooh poohs everyone but the biased NYT article since everyone else is on a trail he cannot follow. Newell did what he could? Why - isn't he the guy who failed to risk assess this "felony stupid" scheme? "Part of a plan to change the situation" - this guy is clearly nuts. Ignores the testimony of the agent training that was circumvented by stand down orders from newly appointed supervisors in charge of a runaway train. Don't know who James is - but he is a loony tune who would have Issa stop now before someone gets hurt.

WarriorClass III said...

If the intent of "Fast and Furrious" was to trace where the guns went, why did they not even try to track them after the sale? No attempt was ever made; they knew the guns were going to Mexico, and that was good enough to support their position that 90% of the guns in Mexico came from the USA.

Since that figure wasn't happening, they had to make it happen. They didn't care where the guns went, as long as they went to Mexico. And they already knew that would happen as long as they forced the dealers to let the sale go through.

Anonymous said...

We need make no distinction between the government officials who infringe on our rights, and the "journalists" who cover (for) them.


Dennis308 said...

"We need make no distinction between the government officials who infringe on our rights, and the "journalists" who cover (for) them".

We'll just have to use the rope more times that's all.


Chase said...

This is a disgusting article. This journalist has bought the ATF's silly story hook, line, and sinker.