Thursday, August 25, 2011

David Codrea: Government brooks no ‘Gunwalker’ competition.

Good for we but not for thee (now that people are looking).


Rider said...

Since we now base our laws on case law, ALL those involved should be looking at 30 years in the pokie. Or extradition to Mexico. Precidense?

Anonymous said...

"If a private gunwalker merits severe punishment, how much more do obstructionists sworn to uphold the law, who betrayed their official positions of power, engaged in conspiracy, and callously allowed people to die in order to advance an agenda?"

The authorities are twice as culpable as the private citizen condemned to serve 30 years.

Not only did they violate laws that led to the loss of innocent life, they then used their authority to stonewall the investigation of these crimes.


Bad Cyborg said...

In his most excellent piece, David wrote: "We’re supposed to be a nation of equal justice for all."

We are also supposed to be a nation where the rule of law is paramount. Alas, without the rule of law there can be no justice. Our current administration has demonstrated time after time that it does not give a flying F**K about either justice OR the rule of law.

There have always been deviations by government from the rule of law - greater or lesser - arguably since the beginning of our nation. But this administration does not even give LIP SERVICE to adherence to the rule of law.

And to the poxy, inbred, castrated (in spirit if not in body)mandarins in "government service" reading this I say "A curse upon you and the entire diseased line from which you sprang!". I also say, "Watch your back". You have nothing to fear from me. Nor, truly, from the brave man who publishes this blog. No, you have to fear the silent ones. The ones who read the blogger's words but do not comment. You have to wonder how many ALREADY have you - PERSONALLY - on their "hundred head" list.

Wonder. And tremble. Remember, all notes come due and payable sooner or later.