Friday, August 19, 2011

Gunwalker Miscellany

David Codrea: Unscrambling ATF supervisor’s omelet shows troubling timeline.

John Richardson: The Peter Principle With White Chalk Outlines. (Be sure and watch the video.)

Fast and Furious 'Flawed From the Start': An Interview With Rep. Paul Gosar.

Christine M. Flowers: Iran-Contra, the Sequel.

CNN: ATF supervisors from controversial border gun operation get D.C. posts.

Three ATF supervisors who played roles in the controversial gun sales sting known as Operation Fast and Furious have been given jobs at ATF headquarters in Washington even as the Justice Department's Inspector General is probing the matter, a senior federal law enforcement source has confirmed.

The transfers to Washington include one promotion and two lateral moves, according to the official who asked not to be identified because he is not authorized to comment on the matter.

The move to positions at ATF headquarters, first reported by the Los Angeles Times, were given to William McMahon, ATF deputy director of operations for the West; and William Newell and David Voth, both field supervisors in the Phoenix office who oversaw the program.

Voth received a promotion to branch chief in the ATF's tobacco division, according to the senior federal law enforcement source. McMahon and Newell were provided posts at headquarters that were lateral moves, a spokesperson in the ATF press office confirmed to CNN en Espanol. There has been no increase in money or more responsibilities for McMahon and Newell, the spokesperson said.

LA Times: ATF denies it promoted Fast and Furious supervisors.

Holder requests Fast and Furious docs from Issa, Grassley for ‘independent’ investigation


Anonymous said...

these traitors belong in prison not getting promotions.this is grounds for impeaching prisdent bongo and his intire administration.then charge,convict,and punish them for treason.public hanging i hope!

behonest said...

sean hannity is running a special tonight on fast and furious. I watched all the hearing on c-span I know most people didn't see or hear anything on most newscast except a little on CBS way back. I know millions will be watching Hannity