Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Will prison officials allow Wayne Fincher to attend wife’s funeral?


Update from David Codrea.


Dave said...

Notice the link in that article to "Operation Sleeping Giant."


Worth taking a look at.

Dillios said...

Irregardless of whether we agree with Fincher's conviction or not allowing the guy to attend his wife's funeral is humane - I'm curious to see if the "fuzzy rabbit hugger progressives" live up to their mantra and let him go.

OKs have one critical issue - the Oath they took doesn't agree with their concepts. Refuse to obey an order? That's not defending the Constitution - if you stand idly by then someone is going to do the dirty work regardless (hired, foreign, etc..) Sleeping Giant in and of itself also embraces Vieras idea of a militia - which isn't exactly in line with most of the States Constitutions.

Oathkeepers has been turned into the Amway of the Patriot scene - hell they hit you up for money more often than the NRA. Oversold, hollow promises, quick to turn their back on members when the going gets hot - sorry but that's what you get when you let a bunch of lawyers turn a decent idea into a cash cow.