Thursday, August 25, 2011

Charles Dyer turns himself in without incident.

In an email I received from Stewart Rhodes:

On Thu, Aug 25, 2011 at 9:16 AM, wrote:

Thought you might like to know fast.


John Shirley, our Texas Chapter President, has just learned that Charles Dyer turned himself in to some uniformed deputies in Fort Bent County, Texas, this morning, without incident. We consider this very good news. Now we just hope he has a fair trial with all the evidence considered, including new evidence supporting his innocence that has come to light (according to his family).

Oath Keepers

PS – those who wish to donate in support of his legal defense may do so by sending donations to:

Jan Dyer
5103 Hope
Marlow, OK


FG said...

I will be VERY surprised if Sgt. Dyer is not practicing prison wall tap code with OK City pharmacist Lt. Col. Jerome Ersland for the rest of his natural life.
Everyone keep on this with letters and calls to your elected "officials".

Prayers for both of them.

Anonymous said...

He's screwed. They'll get him on the evasion charge if nothing else.

J. Croft said...

Some thoughts I wrote here:

He's alive. For now.

If he's successfully extradited back to Oklahoma though his odds of survival shrink dramatically. In either event his only hope is for a huge spotlight of attention to be turned on him. Yes, I still want Dyerfest to go forward, it can only help in that. We MUST make those oath traitors constantly aware that we are watching. No more of their bullshit will be tolerated. We need to constantly phone them, checking up on Dyer. We need boots and heels on the ground.

Obviously, his unlawful flight charge? He had cause due to the conduct of the case by the Stephens Co. court, prosecutor, how he was burned out of his home by scumbags w/connections with the Sheriff's dept. IF he winds up in a sort-of fair court he could offer just cause for fleeing, as in fear of his life and unlawful prosecution. Problem is will a attorney step up and help him or will they just shove him through a rubber stamp process as fast as they can, get him on the first prison bus back to Oklahoma?

Oh, and we need those with YouTube accounts to regulary post positive comments about J4P on his YT channel because the enemy has two full time fusion center faggots working it. We have 4000+ members, it shouldn't be too hard to drown them out and flag them.

Bad Cyborg said...

Anon @ 1:42 PM, That's assuming he makes it to Oklahoma alive. Mighty long drive from Houston.

Anonymous said...

Glad he's safe - hope the "leos" have enough sense to keep him that way.

Do you think they have any idea how much pressure's bult up, ready to blow if they harm this man?

DC Wright said...

More info on this case would be appreciated. If by email, send to Thanks in advance. Some of you folks in the area seem to have an idea what's up. I want to support a Marine, and perhaps get other retired and prior service Marines involved, including lawmen, but it pretty much has to be open and shut AGAINST his probable guilt on a charge involving a child. Most of you seem convinced he's innocent, so let me know why, too!


DC Wright
USMC Retired

Mark Matis said...

It is interesting that DC Wright is asking for proof that Mr. Dyer is innocent. I thought the standard was "innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt". My, what a fool I have been!

Anonymous said...

They're happy.

That's nuts.

Of course he won't get a fair trial.

He's screwed.

Typical fed job.

Firearms charges, child molesting allegations, and away he goes for a long, long time.

Why is it that everyone who the .gov prosecutes is a "molester"?

And the Oath Keepers are happy.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Arctic Patriot, Dyer beat the federal weapons charges. The jury found him not guilty. So, he beat them once. Maybe he can do it again. He decided that going to trial was better than dying in a gunfight. The Oath Keepers agreed.

You do what you think is best when it's your turn.